Thursday, June 27, 2013

for a good time, call...(and we are not talking about 'dropping a dime" here, are we, Allen Kanovsky?)

Joe Donato. Any where, any time, you get to see and listen to Joe, he sees to it that you have a good time. When Joe stands in front of the stage anything can happen. He sings?, he does little jigs, he plays 2 saxes simultaneously, he plays all kinds of percussion. Even a quica, which was a gift from my buddy, Dr. Jules.
Along with Joe was Brian(two-brain)Murphy on piano, Matt(bee-gees)Bonelli playing bass and Eric Ott on the trap set. This all happened last night at Blue Jeans Blues. It is Danny Burgers Wednesday Night Showcase and Danny is taking a well earned vacation. But, the music continues in grand fashion. Manny(Artzine mag) is there, Stan(superlative)Jackson, Bill Rutan and 2 of my favorite dance partners, Denise and the "lady in the stingy brim fedora". Some JAZZ students of Joe's including Marty and his wife always come out for Joe at BJB's. Ensconced on her personal bar stool is the "Sweetheart of All My Dreams", Babette. I am with Dr. Jules who is also Joe's pal. Joe is playing all kinds of requests from the audience and the rhythm section as well. I do a little jitterbugging with Ms. Stingy Brim and am glad there's a doctor in the house. Giving credit to the composer, Louis Prima, they swing "Sing, Sing, Sing with a jumping solo by Eric. Matt Bonelli heads the JAZZ division of MDC's music Department and with every note you can understand why. What can I say about Brian that hasn't already been said---original---creative---imaginative---classic, all true of Mr. Murphy. As to Joe, like I said in the heading, for a good time call JOE!!!! Like he says in a N'Awlins accent "Gar an Teed". Tonight is still up in the air, but I am kind of leaning to Gypsy JAZZ at a new place(for me) Michael's Kitchen on Miami Ave.

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