Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yomo Toro, King of the Puerto Rican Cuatro, Receives Many Posthumous Honors

Christmas just doesn't feel the same with Yomo Toro gone.  The sounds of his cheerful cuatro emenating from recordings in countless households, his numerous parrandas and concerts, his presence as the Grand Master of the Three Kings Day Parade in New York City -- all these things remind us of his special spirit that has been forever linked to Puerto Rican culture and especially the enthusiastic and lengthy celebration of Puerto Rican Christmas, from Thanksgiving to Three Kings Day and beyond with eight more days called "las octavitas."

After a long and fruitful career, which ranged from recording and appearances with the Fania All-Stars to a cameo in a Woody Allen movie, Yomo Toro passed away this year, on June 30 2012, playing his cuatro until the end.  Yomo, we miss you, but your spirit lives on in your music!

Ashe Records is proud to present
featuring Jerry Medina, Dalia Silva,
Eric Figueroa, Joe Santiago, Pappo Vasquez,
Adalberto Santiago, Ralph Irizarry and many more..
Produced by Rachel Faro & Sammy Figueroa

Since Yomo's passing the music community and Yomo’s friends and family have been moved to celebrate his life and his music in several ways.
  • Yomo Toro Plaza, Newark NJ: Just two weeks after his funeral, Elwood Avenue in Newark NJ was renamed Yomo Toro Plaza.
  • Yomo Toro Place, Bronx NY:  The Bronx Community Board #4, representing Yomo's neighborhood where he lived for the past 31 years unanimously passed a resolution to have Ogden Avenue renamed Yomo Toro Place.
  • LARAS Trustees Award: On November 14th, 2012 the Latin Recording Academy presented Yomo Toro with a Trustees Award, the highest honor in Latin music.  It was presented by Sebastian Krys (Grammy-winning producer of numerous hits) and Rachel Faro (president of Ashe Records and producer of his classic "Celebremos Navidad") at the Special Awards Luncheon. In a highly emotional moment, the trophy was accepted by his wife Minerva and daughter Denise on his behalf.
  • A full page tribute to Yomo Toro  also appeared in the Latin Grammy Program Guide.
  • Yomo Toro Tribute at Copacabana Nightclub: On January 11th, 2013 there will be a Three Kings Day Tribute to Yomo Toro for Las Octavitas at the Copacabana Nightclub in New York City, produced by his wife and daughter Minerva and Denise and Aurora Flores of Zon Del Barrio. Guest artists will include Larry Harlow, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Alfredo de las Fe, Reinaldo Jorge, David Gonzalez and many more.

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