Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good-really good - Al wants you to know what is too, really...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/6/12

Accomplished--proficient--adept--effective--apt--I could go on but let it suffice to say "Good, really, really good". Last night Danny Burgers Showcase at BJB's featured Lisanne Lyons(vocals) accompanied by Josh Allen(bass) and her special guest John Hart(guitar). Lisanne, Josh and John are all products of the University of Miami JAZZ program. Danny would have been but he had a 6 nite a week gig and a condo on the beach. (who needed an education?) From the beginning of the very first song, John impressed. He is an accomplished soloist and a remarkable accompanist. While playing under Lisanne's vocals John made me think of Lester Young and Billie Holidays' musical relationship. Lisanne doesn't sound like Billie and John and Lesters instruments provide completely different voicing but the symbiosis between vocalist and instrumentalist was just as strong. John has been in New York for the past 30 years and is now commuting while teaching some at UM. The influence of New York on Johns performance is obvious.

Josh Allen, the youngest in the group always amazes me by his knowledge of tunes that were written and popular long before even his parents were born. Catch him if you can! UhOh! Here's where I go to the Thesaurus for superlatives. Lisanne Lyons.. WOW!!!. Arlen, Gershwin, Ellington. Bending melodies, scats, retarding and accelerating time. Again. WOW!!!. Besides myself there was Mari, Babette, Bill, Yale, Tommy, Charlie, Tania, John Yarling and Ron.  Ron is a familiar figure in JAZZ clubs all over South Florida. Last night he was accompanied by his daughter who studies voice with Lisanne. Lisanne Lyons, creative, innovative, talented, beautiful and most important an educator of our young people who are interested in our beloved JAZZ.

Some of the audience was younger than I, some were older, but all agreed, the JAZZ was "Good, really, really good".

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