Monday, December 17, 2012

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum - no debate about it!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/17/12

The program at Arts Circle on Sunday sounded interesting. The music of Spain to start at 6 PM. I got there early and as I neared the site I heard a lot of the Caribbean sounds I love dearly. A hint of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republuc. I settled down on a stone bench to listen to the ten piece band. It was short lived. Only a sound check. The program started promptly (for South Florida) at about 6:10. The opening act was a presentation by a Flamenco school. I have always admired flamenco and the people who perform it. These were students of the school of every age and ability and, at least for me, cute, but difficult to endure. I was rescued by a call from buddy Bill telling me to get to BJB's 'cause there was a real jam going on. I hied back to my short(hip talk back in the day, meaning car) and wended my way to "Toity Toid". It seems that after a 3 year run at Blue Jean Blues, Barbara Vann’s Jam has been replaced. In her stead was Anthony Corrado’s Trio. Anthony(everything included middle eastern percussion) Paul Banman on keys and Emilio Rodriguez on what might be the biggest trap set in South FL. Gideon, an Israeli ex-patriot blew a decent baritone sax, Mike Michaels sat in on drums, Mo Morgen on tenor and vocals also took the stage. Got there for the end of the session but was glad I did. The feature Sunday night was Jeff Prine with Rita Wilburn blowing "voice", Mike Goldstein on what looked like a brand new Hammond and Danny Burger on drums. No Rain on the Plain in Spain, instead rock solid BLUES, JAZZ and SWING. Rita has the ability to make everybody, including the band, feel good. I haven't heard Jeff in a while and he continues to enhance his technique and performance. As is usual a couple of BLUES Bunnies got up to shake their tails as well as their "fronts" on the dance floor. Jenni James, a gal from a town in New Zealand called "Narrow Neck" put on some of the best BLUES moves I have ever seen. I'm talkin' 'bout shoulder, hip and hand moves that defied belief. Moe Morgen(sax) hung out for a while and sat in on a couple of tunes. During one of the breaks, Rita, gave Video Mike a big hug and I asked if I was being replaced. She replied in the negative and reminded me I was her "weekend man". Great idea for a BLUES lyric, so I wrote one on a paper napkin. By the by, Rita has a Monday/Tuesday man, a Wednesday man and a Thursday man to go along with the weekend cat. As usual I stayed 'til the last note drifted into the night(almost poetic or is it pathetic, ain't it). 

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