Sunday, December 23, 2012

serving up youth - Al is always hungry for great jazz....

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/23/12

Saturday night was an absolute blast. I headed up to Delray Beach to listen to some young guys play. To fit in with the youth movement I stopped at Docs for a "foot long" with chili, cheese and onions, of course, Then on to Arts Garage. They say that "Youth must be served". Well the Garage served up youth aplenty. Tony Madruga(piano) (Jazz & Blues Florida December 2012 Featured Artist) was joined by Patrick Bartley(alto) Russell Hall(bass) and Stefan Kline(drums). The combined ages of these musicians is ten years shy of my age. I first heard Tony when he was 13, Russell and Patrick 14, and Stefan 15. There was no doubt even then that these youngsters would be heard from. I used to say of Patrick that he was the next Charlie Parker. Last night he proved me wrong. He is not the next anyone. He is Patrick. Original, adventurous and creative. Russell, a Charlie Mingus devotee, has come a long way in creating his own "voice". Stefan listens to what is being said by the players and is reflective of what they have to say. A couple of years back, Tony was celebrating his 16th birthday by working. Working??? OMG!!! How awful, in this day and age making a kid work on his 16th birthday. Outrageous. Call Youth Service. Hold on. Calm down. Not if----not if he's headlining in Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola at Lincoln Center in The Apple. Talk about SRO. Flo had to threaten the MaĆ®tre De with calling the Cardinal and having the joint listed as obscene in order for us to be allowed in for the performance. I first heard all of these young men when they jammed with the "pros" at Art Serve in Ft. Lauderdale. This program is sponsored by the Gold Coast Jazz Society and is held on the first Friday of the month.

As to Saturday night the players were all that anyone could expect. The ever broadening sounds of JAZZ were well represented by all of these very young and super talented JAZZ----men? I shouldn't question them being men. They are of course, and soon to be, Giants of JAZZ. 

Tony, Patrick, Russell and Stefan thank you for last night and even more thanks for your devotion and dedication to the music I love so. JAZZ.   

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