Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Florida jazz horn player part of Spanish jazz history, and documentary

Wally Besser (Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 16, 1936) is a Trumpet and Flugelhorn player–now living in Jupiter, Florida – with a large career - playing with best orchestras such as the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Larry Elger etc. Twenty years with Fotis Gonis Express doing the top Greek work in New York and around the country, as well as Canada & Venezuela. In Barcelona at the beginning of the '60s, he was one of the pioneers playing in the mythic Jazz Club Jamboree. The writer and music historian Jordi Pujol Baulenas said about him: "With the Jazz Brothers in the Jamboree, Wally Besser confirmed that he was the best active jazz trumpeter in the city, being very applauded for his solos, which were inspired by Miles Davis’ style".

This documentary is about music, people and challenges. But it is also about Barcelona and a mix of generations and cultures that nowadays get together in the WTF Jam Sessions at Jamboree Jazz Club.

While hundreds of young musicians walk up to the stage with no knowledge of what is going to happen and strive to survive with just doing music. On the other side of the ocean, in Jupiter, Florida, one of the pioneers which played at the very same Jamboree fifty years ago is preparing his baggage. Wally Besser, a 76 year old trumpet player, will take a plane to come back to that emblematic stage of the City of Counts. We will engage in his trip back to Barcelona with one goal: to know what will happen when the jump is made through time, when the elder trumpet player finds himself along with the youngsters at the WTF and reunites with his old band and fellow musicians from the 60's like Pere Ferré.

The documentary is currently in a crowdfunding stage and here is more information on the documentary and how to participate:

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