Sunday, December 30, 2012

R.I.P. Charlie Headder, Jazz Musicians' Fellowship Foundation Founder & Director

Charles "Charlie" Headder, 83, passed away Wed., Dec 19, 2012. A founder and director of Jazz Musicians' Fellowship Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping S. FL jazz musicians experiencing life and/or career threatening crisis. He was a member and then board member for the Sunshine Jazz Organization. He was also a very competent carpenter and a team leader for commercial construction companies. He never really "retired." He did home   repair and remodeling on a small scale. He is survived by wife Bobbi & daughter Charla. 

A note from Bobbi Headder:
Now that he's gone, I want to sell his drums. In the last few months he said many times to go ahead and sell them. But I couldn't do it. I always held out the hope that he'd try one more time. Besides, the drums were a major part of who he was.... his identity. I did not want to take that from him. However, now I need to cover burial and other expenses and selling them would certainly do that.

It's a 4 piece black lacquer, Sonar drum set. A few years old, but hardly ever played. A snare drum & all the hardware is included: 3 cymbal stands. Only 2 cymbals & a hi-hat. And, a vintage Harley motorcycle, solo, seat, drum throne. The whole set up is worth about $1500. 

Any interested party, please contact Bobbi Headder through this email address:

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