Tuesday, December 11, 2012

settling for two - at 2am!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/11/12

Enough of that 3 stuff. Two will have to do. 2 kinds of music in two kinds of joints. Fishtales for the BLUES and Blue Jean Blues for JAZZ.

They are within a short walk of one another but miles apart in lots of ways. I started the evening at FT's. A dynamite BLUES band on stage.

Andy G sat at the traps behind two legendary guitarists. Roscoe Martinez(melody guitars) and Jeffrey Reeves(bass) Standing between them Al Ferrera playing tenor and bari saxophones. If you like masterful playing mixed with a little funk you were in the right place at the right time. Late in the first set Roscoe put the band on "Rock Me Baby". It had me off my barstool(unassisted) and straining to hear every note. I have never heard it like this, although I have heard it more than a thousand times. BLUES played in todays mode. Interesting, complex riffs with a solid old time BLUES feeling. Great performance by all. I spied Rita Wilburn as she was leaving after the first set. We said "Hello" and "Goodbye" in the same 4/4 bar.

I then traversed 33St. to BJB's. Anthony Corrado, the multi and I mean multi- instrumentalist had the spotlight. He had Paul Manban at the keys and Don Coffman on upright bass. I crossed the street and who do you think I saw?--you're right the lovely Ms. Rita Wilburn. Okay Rita, you can't just hang out. You gotta get up and sing. And so she did. "Summertime", Rita Wilburn style. Smoky, tender and warm. Lourdes Valentin came in just as Rita started her song. She and I both loved it. Then it was Lourdes taking the stage. "Winter Wonderland" had me clappin' and tappin'. She did it in a swinging Ella inspired style. Scat riffs and all. Stayed late chatting with all including my mentor Babette, Mike the videographer, Steve the bartender and Marty the manager. Lourdes and I had a really serious talk about some serious stuff. I announce to the world. Lourdes is a lot more than a pretty face with a voice to match. The ships bell tolled 4 times. 2:00 A.M. Yeah, yeah. I'm going home!

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