Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's almost like being in.... Al does comparisons - of different things...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/2/12

Last night was---Last night was-----Last night was "Almost Like Being in"----Memphis or Louisville or New Orleans or New York or Chicago. Why?, you ask. The music, I reply. BLUES being played on one side of the street and JAZZ on the other. I mean BLUES and I mean JAZZ. 33d Street in Fort Lauderdale just west of A1A has become a home for live music. Reading from east to west. Fishtales, The Wine Bar and on the other side Blue Jean Blues. Fishtales is a BLUES oriented joint. The Wine Bar features "lounge". Blue Jean Blues is a hangout for JAZZophiles. Clay Goldstein(Mississippi saxophone) was on stage with Josh "Pitbull" Rowland(guitar), Bob Ross(drums) and Ken Burgner(bass) at Fishtales. They were there to play some BLUES and, man o man, did they. From Josh originals to "Bright Lights, Big City", Chicago to Memphis, harp, guitar, bass and drums. "Who Could Ask For Anything More". Clay ribbed Josh about being the "Genius of I95" Josh responded with "Harmonica players are just 10 holes and a talented tongue". All in the spirit of friendship and having "A Real Good Time".
I hiked the 30 yards or so, across the street to BJBs. Jesse Jones Jr. was in the spotlight with Danny Burger(drums), Rick Dahl(bass) and Dolph Castellano(piano). The joint was mobbed, as well it should be, whenever Jesse appears. Jesse is an irrepressible showman and very talented musician. He has the ability to make people love JAZZ even if sometimes they don't understand it. I came to Florida about 6 years ago and the first time I heard Jr. play was in the Lounge of the Council Oaks Room at the Hard Rock Casino. He was and still does play with the Dale Powers group on Wednesday nights. The band did the Beatles "Hey Jude" featuring a long solo and scat vocal by Jesse. I have tried not to miss any performances since. For some reason unbeknownst to me, Jesse said he was dedicating the next song to me. He then proceeded to do "Stars Fell On Alabama". It is a great song and I do like it, but does Jesse think that "nooyawk" or "lawnguyland" is a southern accent. Well, I guess those cold Siberian (Jesse travels there often) winter nights have affected his geographical logic in some manner. 

I want to Thank all the musicians who play for my entertainment every night. An old quotation says "It's not what you do, that people remember about you. It's not what you say, that people remember about you. The thing they remember about you is how you make them feel".
"You Make Me Feel So Good"   
p.s. If you noticed L.A. was omitted when I was listing music cities. I lived in L.A.for 25 years and never found anything on either side of the street, sunny or not!  

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