Sunday, December 9, 2012

Off to see the Biscuit.... Al likes the upper end GM line-up I guess...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/9/12

Off to the Funky Biscuit. "Just Down The Road Apiece" in Boca Raton, Otis Cadillac and his band The Eldorados was holding forth and blowing down the walls. If you haven't been, Funky Biscuit is a throwback to the days of "juke joints" and "honky tonks". The difference is this place has some class. A large room, tastefully furnished, tasty menu, good service, big band stand and a great sound system. There is even some open space to dance in if you can dance. I'll never understand why some folks insist on embarrassing themselves on the dance floor. How do I describe Otis and his music. There is no one word. It's a little bit of soul, a little bit of BLUES, a little bit of R&B, a little bit of R&R, a little bit of gospel, a little Louis Jordan, a little B.B. King and I'm not sure I covered it all. There is a trio of gal singers, The Seville Sisters, who sing along and really help make it fun. 

My buddy Dave(Cat in the Hat) was their with some pals. Blues Bobby and his wife were "hangin'". Charlie and Debby got there late but in time for most of the elongated second set. Busted out of the "Biscuit" and headed for bed about 1:00A.M. Needed to get some sleep so I could get to Fish Tales early for Clay Goldstein and 3 other harmonica players celebrating Chanukah. Harmonic player, celebrating Chanukah, wearing a yarmulke. Say it 100 times fast (or slow) and win a chance at a 2 month stay in a hotel in the Gaza strip next summer. 

One of my favorite local bassists, Josh Allen, lost his Grandfather this week and I wish to pass on my sincere condolences here, as he continues to play through his grief. If you haven't heard Josh Allen, I implore you to do so. He does not disappoint. 

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