Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Menage a what?

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 12/10/12

The number 3 is not usually considered magical or particularly lucky. It's an odd number as opposed to being an even number. Well Sunday night was a tribute to that forlorn digit. Listen up! If you were in Broward county there were three things you could do and not simultaneously--did I spell that right?--At Fish Tales, 3-that's right 3 harp players with Josh Rowland and the Pit Bulls backing them up. Josh describes harmonica players as; ten holes and a talented tongue. Well, multiply that by 3. Clay Goldstein( a kid playing harmonica, celebrating chanukah, wearing a yarmulke), Miles (Red Bean) Blaise--I swear I saw him wearing a suit and tie, playing trumpet Saturday at the Funky Biscuit, and last but definitely not least, the incredible Pixie Ensign. Pixie does stuff with a harp that is impossible -except for him- to do. Unfortunately I could only stay for one set on the advice of my cardiologist. He doesn't want me to get overly excited and BLUES played like it was Sunday night is EXCITING and fun besides.

They played 'em all. Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Crossroads a little bit of church and a little bit of rock 'n roll. During one song, Miles adorned himself with a washboard that resembled a wide tie. Josh, admired it and said "You call that thang a washboard?" and proceeded to pull out a full size 1930's style washboard. The battle of the washboards was on. There was no declared winner because the judges couldn't stop applauding.

Dragged myself off the barstool(with some assistance) and strolled (unassisted) across to BJB's.

 Lynn Moore was at the piano and swinging, Bobby Reynolds played some flugelhorn, Moe Morgen played a haunting baritone clarinet Mike Michaels sat in on drums and Barbara Vann hosted. Linc did one of his "ditties". This one called "Blew By You" about a hair piece lost in the wind. Featured Sunday in the Divas Showcase was Maria Rivas with Danny Burger(drums), Jamie Ousley(bass), and Brian Murphy at the "88". Brian and Danny are warming up for St. Patrick's Day which is only a couple of months away. A host of Maria's fans were there including the one and only Babette and Liliana, Bill, Denise, Yale, Ron (who somehow always has very attractive guests) Mike (shooting video) and I. Denise graced me with a couple of dances and no I do not embarass myself on the floor.

And finally #3. The New York Giants vs. The New Orleans Saints. Eli Manning vs. Drew Brees. Bleeker St. vs. Rampart St. and all on TV for the world to see. It seems that nowadays, regardless of the venue, there are at least one or two "boxes" in plain view. I fortunately can do two things at the same time, like walk and chew gum, eat and talk and best of all-listen to JAZZ and watch a football game. Had a great night and hope you all got out to listen to some BLUES and/or JAZZ----LIVE.

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