Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh, what a night it was...defining "funky" at the Biscuit...3 more nights, too!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 4/5/13

…when The Funky Biscuit opened the Biscuit Fest, Thursday night. I had talked some of the BJB regulars to join me as they hadn't been to the Biscuit before. They picked the perfect night to try. Mike, Mark, Richard and I were joined by Charlie Boyer and we had a real good time listening to some real good music. The evening started with a 2d line marching band parading in. A tuba, 2 alto saxes, 2 trombones, a drummer and a trumpet player, Max Boyko, who I recognized. He is a young JAZZ musician who has been playing around town.

Fist on stage was the George Porter Jr.(bass/vocals) and Friends band. I wish I had friends like these. Billy Iuso(guitar), Lee Allen(drums), Derek Johnson(trombone), Roosevelt Collier(steel guitar), and onB3 and keys and vocals, the diminutive dynamo, Mary Francis Newcomb. From the first funky note to the last of the set they had us all doing the boogey. Whether seated or standing. Whether with a partner or solo, everyone in the joint was shaking something. My "buds" were impressed  with how "tight" the band was. Never missing the bridge or a beat. True. It was an all around exceptional set.

They (the BJB regulars) stuffed their respective faces with menu fare and almost drank the joint dry. Looking around each remarked at the body movements of some of the gals(ladies/women) dancing nearby. Not being able to resist temptation, Mark asked one of them to join him in dance. I must admit that Mark has some moves.

Next up "Yo' Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band". A short word about words and history. When I was a youngster I put together a JAZZ group. We called ourselves "The Bot 5". Afterwards I led a mambo band called the "Lano Kanos Cinq". If I ever had come home and said something like Yo' Big Fat Mama's Booty, my Dad would have gone to the cupboard, removed the 'cat o' nine tails' and me and my "booty" would have remembered the event for the rest of my life. Different times, different worlds.

The band remained the same except for bass and guitar. Now Al Ingram and John-Paul Miller joined the group. Even Al got up to play a couple on the B3. The "joint" was now packed, wall to wall. The music, if possible, grew more intense. My pals said they were sure to come back to such an exciting venue. We had a good time. On the way out I took a moment to talk with Rockin’ Jake. He will be on the bill tonight(Friday) as the Fest continues thru Sunday night. "Hi Tracy!"…what about some soft JAZZ for the ride home? Thanks.

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