Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Update as of 3:45am, Wednesday, April 17, 2013
"To the great delight of a chamber full of arts supporters, the city commission chose to let the Arts Garage stay in its present location with the option to buy."

Update as of 3:45am, Wednesday, April 17, 2013
"The city commission voted Tuesday to hold onto the 10,000-square-foot retail space at the Old School Square Parking Garage that the Arts Garage currently occupies for at least 21/2 years.",0,3058408.story

Update as of 12:40am, Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A friend of Jazz & Blues Florida has sent us the following:

"At tonight's Delray Beach Commission meeting, after 4 hours, they voted to allow the Arts Garage to buy the place in two-and-a-half years if they come up with the $2.5 million.  No sale to a law firm or any other business since it is clear that the Arts Garage is a success and brings lots of money to Delray Beach." 

Details to follow as they become available.
Congratz to the arts community - for being a community of meaning and substance.

Once again the Arts Garage location issue is before the city commission – today (Tuesday, April 16, 2013) at 7pm – and Arts Garage asks again for your support at what very likely will be the meeting that determines the final outcome. If possible, they request your presence at this meeting. If you are unable to make the meeting at City Hall they request again your participation on their petition that will be presented.

Details HERE.

As in the old song…”you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” Let’s not lose it, OK?

And, then, as it should be, get out to Arts Garage this weekend to celebrate two years of past and many years of future success at the Gala Gig II.  Entertainment for this year’s Gala will include the return of last year’s standing room only band “Little Jake & The Soul Searchers" as the headliner.

Be one of the first to learn of the exciting summer season line-up of great jazz & blues artists that Arts Garage will announce on this Gala Gig II evening!


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Jazz & Blues Florida
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