Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's A Wonderful World - and Al lives LIFE in it....

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/13/13

It's Sunday morning after a late Saturday night. A wonderful night filled with friends and music. Sounding a bit philosophical? Yeah, I guess so. Why? you ask.

Well I'll tell you. Part of my late Saturday night was a birthday party for a fellow JAZZophile who is well known at the JAZZ joints in Broward County. We were celebrating her *#&(>+th birthday. She is wrinkled and grey and probably the most beautiful woman I know. If you allow me a moment before I tell about the music, I will share the poem I wrote for her birthday.  
100 Years Ago
I wish I would have known her, way back when.
I'd have been 'round thirteen
and she'd be just ten
I would have walked her home from school,
carried her books and
acted the fool.

Would have played "Spin the Bottle",
wished for the kiss
that would bring us closer
to a moment of bliss.

It's only a dream of years long gone by
of growing older and older
as time seems to fly

you're a sweet, precious jewel
I'd still carry your books
and I'd still act the fool.

It was a great party as Babette was surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and a host of friends who hold her dear. Counted among friends is the band. Joe Donato (sax, flute vocals) was the guest host with Danny Burger(drums) Dolph Castellano (piano) and Rick Dahl, surprisingly,(electric bass) completing the quartet. They opened the first set with "Strike Up the Band" and what a band it is!!! Swingin', Jammin' and Rockin'. Dolf cannot play a solo without letting you hear ten or more riffs from songs of yesteryear. It makes for great fun trying to catch and remember the titles. Joe plays a curved soprano sax that he can make sound like a tenor at times. He will also play the alto at the same time (ala Rasaan Roland Kirk), a remarkable feat. It was the first time I've heard Rick on electric and he surprised me with his creativity on it. They gave Danny the opportunity for solos but on one, either he wasn't counting bars, just got carried away or just didn't care. It lasted way longer than anyone had anticipated and the audience was on their collective feet by the time the band joined in. WHEW!!! Another thing that made it wonderful was a guest Joe had brought along, Jowee Omicil. I had heard him once before and it was great to have the opportunity to hear this talented, young saxophonist again. I took the opportunity to chat with Jowee and what brought him to JAZZ. As is often the story, his answer was "the church". His Dad is a preacher and wanted him to play at his services. And so the story goes. Hang out with good friends, listening to good music and you too will realize "It's A Wonderful World"  

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