Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/16/13

I would be willing to wager a nominal amount, at a price, that there are as many Seigels & Siegels in the phone books of Miami/Dade and Broward counties as there are SeaGulls along those shorelines. The chances of running into them are much better than your picking winners at Jai Lai or the Race track. But what are the chances of you, accidentally hearing Jack Seigel(trumpet/Dad) and doing the same thing the following day with Dave Seigel(keys/son).

Seigel the younger was making an appearance at "JAZZ in the Gables" at the Coral Gables museum. This is a program presented by the Miami JAZZ Co-op and sponsored by HBO Latin America and the accounting firm (v)g.z). It takes place every Wednesday from 12:15 'til 1:45. The band this week was fronted by tenor saxophonist Felipe LaMoglia, with the aforementioned Dave Seigel on keys, the young Josh Allen(bass), left handed guitarist Fernando Ulibarri and Hilario Bell on drums. These musicians play the JAZZ of today and give you a look toward the future. The music is sometimes discordant, dissonant and even arrhythmic. If you are a JAZZophile that can remember the mid-40s and a band led by Boyd Raeburn you would have heard some of things that the JAZZ musicians of this generation are playing. My buddy Bill was longing to hear "Route 66" and I was leaning forward to soak in the creativity of these young artists. The other night, at Turk Mauro's farewell gig, Joe Mirrione (Top of the Bridge) was telling me of his Mom and Dad, when leaving a musical performance, his Dad would critique it this way. "Ya know Mom, the band wasn't bad. They only played one song I didn't know."

Living in the past is a way of life. Looking to the future is the way to live. Dig it????

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