Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a funny thing happened on the way to - - -... Al can, and does, laugh at most everything...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/15/13

A funny thing happened on my way to meet this stockbroker for lunch at the Duffy's in North Miami. The real funny part is that I am broker than he will ever know. The interesting funny part is that on my way into the joi---restaurant, I see a guy unloading speakers from the trunk of his car. I know the guy. It's Jack Seigel a trumpet player who is well known to me as the Dad of Dave Seigel, a keyboard player. "What are you doing here, Jack?" I query. "Why I am playing a gig here" is his reply. "Live?" I ask. "Don't I look it" he sez. "No! Yeah! I mean I didn't know that Duffy's had music", Jack smiles. "They do now. Every Tuesday from 2 'til 4". 

I have lunch with this very knowledgeable and personable market guy. We split the check because he tumbled to the fact that my bank account balance has no commas.

 I move into the lounge, that is somewhat crowded with Jacks family, friends and fans, in that order. The gig was not advertised or publicized in anyway. The quartet is named "The Southlanders". The members include Jack(trumpet), Mike Gold(reeds), Lucian Williams(guitar) and Scott Whitney(bass). They play in the "Traditional" style. It seems to me, to be between Dixieland and Chicago JAZZ.

Moe Morgen wandered in and joined me at my table. Moe knows more JAZZ history than Mr. Funk or Mr Wagnall.

It was a very pleasant afternoon of music, that if you were my age, you would know the words to. So on a Tuesday afternoon, for a beer and light lunch and some good old-fashioned JAZZ---Duffy's, North Miami

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