Wednesday, January 23, 2013

new to me...Something new to AL? Wow - that seems like NEWS to me!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/23/13

Locale: South Shore Tavern, Lake Worth FL.---Location: Outdoor patio---Cast of characters: Clay Goldstein(harmonica), Cliff Guest (guitar/porch board bass) Heidi Jacobsen of Heidi & the "el cats"(vocals), me(?????), Mark(bartender), several ladies(drinkers), and Ray(a guy who likes the BLUES). I had never been to the South Shore Tavern so it was "new to me". I had never heard or heard of Cliff Guest so he was "new to me" Outside of Clay, all the other aforementioned were "new to me" One of the things that made the evening special was listening to Cliff use an instrument that was completely "new to me". It is called a "Porch Board Bass". A piece of wood, laid on the floor and tapped with your foot. It is manufactured by a company named "En Route" in Janesville, Wisconsin. Cliff has a bare bones model but the sounds emanating from it were intriguing. True bass (drum or guitar) sound. Going back to Janesville. That is the second town, in a few days that was "new to me". The other was Clarksdale, Miss, home of Stan Street and Hambone Art & Music

Clay was still on a "high" from the Baltimore Ravens victory over the "hated" New England Patriots. He is Baltimore born and bred and from 1980 to '84 was the mascot of the "Orioles". In his "yute" some of his friends played guitar. He noticed that the players seemed to attract the prettiest gals. He got into the habit of carrying a harmonica in his pocket. Over the years, in speaking with musicians about motivation, how often "girls" are #1 on the list. Eventually he got around to blowing into the reeds and got the hang of it. He loves playing and entertaining.

Tuesday is "open mic" night and people show up to "jam". Clay was gracious enough to allow me to read one of my poems, "Danny's I've Known. He also sang a blues lyric I had written titled "I'm A Three Gal Man". I would like to say that being in the spotlight was "new to me" but it wouldn't be true. There was that one night when I heard the sound of a bull-horned voice saying "Keep your hands in the air and... 

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