Saturday, January 12, 2013

blues in the night... and Red's is the color....

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/12/13

Friday night a guy named Red who owns a club called Red’s Lounge (why didn't I think of that?) did a wonderful thing for the BLUES community. He donated his space to the South Florida Blues Society to run a fund raiser for "Joel DaSilva & the Midnight Howl" who will represent the Society at the International BLUES Challenge in Memphis. They offered $1 long-necks and $2 drink specials with all proceeds going to the band to defray their travel expenses. Reds Lounge is not easy to find or is it a "music" club. It's a 30 seat bar, no food served and ashtrays in front of each stool. They have music one night a year when they host the fundraiser. Red says the Lounge can't afford live music but he loves the BLUES and feels an obligation to do his bit. I raise my glass to Red and others like him. What a crowd. I spied Albert Castiglia, Josh Rowand and many familiar BLUES fan faces including Dave (the cat in the hat). Joel DaSilva (guitar & vocals) fronts the band with Bob Clary (bass), Silvio Ratati (drums) and swinging Doug Treane on tenor sax. All you need to do is listen to a few opening bars and you know why they are on their way to Memphis. You're sitting there, sipping an adult beverage, enjoying the band and all of a sudden your shaking your shoulders and clapping your hands in 4/4 time. That's when you know you are listening to a BAND!!!. In the second set, several players sat in, including Bob Miller(vocals & guitar). Behind the bar and working their butts off were Laureen and Al. In spite of the growing throng and demand on their services they kept it cool and my beverages handy. Last week I wrote about Jewish harp players. It seems there are more of them than I thought. Blues Bobby promised to supply a list. Oy Vay!!!

I left after the second set and headed over to BJB's without knowing who appearing, parking space was hard to find and a crowd outside the door. As I neared the music I heard was familiar. Too familiar. The Beatles. A Paul McCartney Tribute Band. Now I don't want to upset you with what follows but after you read it, do not call or e-mail me, do not say nasty things about me on Facebook, do not inform President Obama or the CIA, do not cry or bang your head against the wall. Drink something, take something or smoke something to calm you down. The Beatles? BBBBOOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG!!! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE MUSIC, all kinds of music but I am so happy there are BLUES, JAZZ, OPERA and STRAVINSKY  

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