Saturday, January 19, 2013

Proof!!! - Into thin air? No, into thick music, Al dives...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/19/13

Piano Bob, Al and Mary - smiles all a'round!

Now there is absolute, irrefutable and undeniable proof that a good BLUES band can not only chase the "blues" away but can do it to clouds and showers as well. Friday night started out a bit soggy with dense clouds and sprinkly rain dampening spirits at the First Annual Las Olas Blues Fest's second night. The band on stage was Kim Reteguiz & The Black Cat Bones Band. I think it's their first appearance south of Jacksonville. The bands name comes from a "hoodoo" ritual where they brew the bones of a black cat to bring you a man or woman to hold and love. Kim can sing, the band can play and when she sang "I Miss the Arms That Held Me" the clouds and rain disappeared never to return. Following Kim were the Soulfonics featuring Betty Padgett on vocals.  Harald Neuweg (Fritz&Frans Bierhaus, prop.) co-promoter of this event thoughtfully provided a dance floor in front of the bandstand and as the audience grew so did the number of people who got up to "dance to the music". The crowd continued to grow as folks strollin (uh-oh, wrong terminology) walking along Los Olas heard the sound of the Soulfonics, Billy Seward(guitar/vocals), Vinnie Fontana(bass), "One Night Stan"(sax), Jason Pozner(trumpet) and Ron Wilson(drums), and were drawn inside the gates. Randi, her violin and The Blue Fire Band closed the show. This is not a BLUES band per se: but Randi & Blue Fire now how to hold the audience’s attention and no one left until the last notes were long ago played. I am sorry but the only name I know outside of Randi is Matt who consistently does fantastic sets on drums. There are food and drink vendors on site. Food by the Bierhaus, beer by Radeberger, Vodka drinks by Beluga. Additionally there is an air-brush artist selling caps, tee-shirts and bikini panties. Alongside the air brush artist is a legitimate "artist", Stan Street. Stan is a multi-instrumentalist, well known in the BLUES community. He also is a talented artist who does impression of BLUES players, past and present and also of "life" in general. His booth is well worth a "look-see'. The Fest continues Saturday from 12:30 until 10;30 an Sunday from 12:30 'til 8pm.

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