Thursday, January 10, 2013

incredible amounts of talent...Al knows it when it finds him...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/10/13
Photo submitted by Gold Coast Jazz Society
First I have to congratulate the Gold Coast Jazz Society for continuing to bring the very best to the Broward Center. Then, without any doubt or reservation, I will state that Wednesday night I was privileged to attend a performance by the greatest trumpet player of our time.
Jon Faddis and students from
Dillard HS and Coral Springs HS

I say that with the knowledge that I have heard them all--Bix To Dizzy, Satchmo to Miles, James to Marsalis. I could go on and probably name 100 outstanding horn men and it would still end up with Mr. Faddis at the top. Let me explain why I feel that way. I'll go back to an album recorded on cassette (pre CD days) in 1985. It was titled "Legacy" and took us on a road trip of JAZZ progression from spirituals to be-bop. Joining Jon at this session were Kenny Baron (piano), Ray Brown(bass),Harold Land(tenor sax) and Mel Lewis(drums). If you haven't had the experience, please do. Jon's ability to capture the feeling of each era is a listening delight. Clarity of tone, technique, upper register mastery, alacrity---add them up and you will understand how I came to my conclusion. Jon, as expected, surrounded himself with exceptional musicians. David Hazeltine (piano), Dion Parson (drums) and Kiyoshi Kitigawa (on a bass borrowed from our own Jamie Ousley). Kitigawa and Parson both had the opportunity to display their talents with crowd pleasing solos. 
Early in the program they did "West End Blues" an early Louis Armstrong recording. The song is also the opening number on the "Legacy" album. Sitting with me were the aforementioned Jamie Ousley (guarding his bass) and Turk Mauro, whose retirement and final performance is at Art's Garage this Sunday. With the greatest respect I would like to "Thank" all of the quartet for a performance that I like to call “one of those nights". 

An aside to Mr. Jon Faddis (Great Master): You need a new joke writer, (I am not applying for the job.)  

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the concert last night as much as I did. I took
    notes, as remembering the song list makes it easier to have warm
    memories, but I didn't write down the name of the bass player. Faddis
    sure controls his horn. I love it best when he's using the mute and
    when he squeezes those round full tones from it. The arrangements the
    first half kept fascinated me, especially the way the bass and the
    horn combined for the intro of "Someday My Prince Will Come" and "All
    Blues". Drummer Dion (?) Parson was great- reminded me of Jeff
    Hamilton, and the staccato rumbling driving backup for Suite
    Gillispiana when the bass and drums and piano combined was
    wonderfully, refreshingly original, until I heard it again on
    Thank you Gold Coast Jazz....

  2. The bassist was Kiyoshi Kitagawa. I've friended him on facebook. He was so great! I looked him up a little bit. . .he plays alot with Kenny Baron, one of the best pianists in New York. He's from Osaka, , but he left there for New York 24 years ago I think. It says on his profile that he was born in 1958, so he's a bit older than he looked to me.

    I am always impressed with Faddis' trumpet technique and virtuosity. I also enjoyed the arrangements and stuff. I did laugh at a few of his jokes