Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jacoby Brothers Blues Band at McCall's in the Village - A big night at the tavern downtown...

A night at a tavern in a village. 
A night for the blues.
Eddie & Mark Jacoby
Grabbed a new CD, right out of the box (and, really, right out of the artist's hand) and headed down the road for an hour or so to The Villages last night where The Jacoby Brothers Blues Band had them packed in at McCall's Tavern for a great night of danceable shuffles and such. The three of us took the only open table and settled in for bevs, bites and blues. 
McCall's Tavern - Just off main in The Villages
A quick head-count put the crowd at over 140 in the room, and the Tri-County Blues & Boogie Society was in full swing doing just that to that on the dance floor.

Tim Gant, playing the big Gretsch in a big way!
The guit alone don't make the tone!
Back to the CD mentioned earlier...Little Mike of Little Mike and the Tornadoes was the person whose hands I grabbed the CD out of, and he also came along for the ride.  You are absolutely going to love his new/old release FORGIVE ME.  This CD has great tunes, great artists, and a great piece of Florida music history built in.  More info to come shortly. Available soon at a gig near you. All Little Mike has to do is walk in a place and smile, and you just know good things are going to happen:

Paul Verdon & Thommy DeRosa
Meeting new friends and hearing new players is one of the motivators for getting around, and tonight was again proof that if good music is happening, good people are there to meet! Paul Laski not only is the driving force behind the Tri-County and the blues at McCall's, he is a player too!

Mood lighting! And, a happy mood that is!
Little Mike digs in....
Paul Laski getting the boogie thing going!
A lot of dancing people...dancing all night long!
Gretsch, in focus.

Thanks for the music everyone! Looking forward to catching you guys at the winery gig coming up on Feb 9th - wine and blues? NOW you are singing my song!
Thanks for sharing that new CD Mike! I know rolling it out through Florida is going to be a FUN ride! Let's roll!

Here are the details for the night:
Jacoby Brothers Blues Band
Eddie Jacoby - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Mark Jacoby - Harmonica
Tim Gant - Slide Guitar/Lead Guitar
Thommy DeRosa - Bass
Paul Verdon - Drums
Special Guests:
Paul Laski - Harp/Vocals/EMCEE/Tri-County Blues and Boogie Club President
McCalls: 999 Alvarez Avenue , The Villages, FL 32159 (352)750-9441
8-11pm, Every First Friday: Smokin' Torpedos
Jan 25: Jacoby Brothers Blues Band 8-11pm; Feb 15: Little Mike & The Tornadoes; Mar 15: Little Mike & The Tornadoes; Mar 29: Jacoby Brothers Blues Band; Apr 19: Little Mike & The Tornadoes.

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  1. Hi! I am the vice President of the Tri-County Blues and Boogie Club. I was there that night and the Jacoby Brothers were good. You mentioned every band that plays for the club except two. Two bands run the Tri-County Blues and Boogie Blues jam that has been going on there for about three years now every tuesday. The jam bands also play one friday of the month each as well. With out the jam bands there would be no tuesdays.
    The one band is The Brown Brothers who have been around for many years and are excellent-Doug (guitar-vocals), Brent (bass), Skip (harmonica-Vocals) and Steve (drums) They will be playing jam Feb 5,19, March 5 & 19,and April 2, 16, 30. Then there is SSnakeyez who has been the Blues & Boogie band for over 5 years. JR (guitar-vocals), Donna (bass-vocals) and Bill (drums) They do the jam Jan 29, feb 12, 26, March 12, 26 and April 9 & 23. SSnakeyez also has a show friday Feb 22, March 22 and April 26. I'm not sure of The Brown Brothers Fridays but they have one each month. Calendars are available up at the front door for each month.