Monday, January 14, 2013

bitter-sweet... A taste of sorrow, a taste of honey - Al knows the menu of life, and truth...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/14/13

Last night at Art Garage was bitter-sweet for South Florida JAZZophiles. Turk Mauro was saying "so long" to his musical career. The rhythm section had Mike Orta on piano, Rick Dahl on bass and Danny Burger on drums. Alongside Turk was Dante Luciani playing trombone. The audience had many notables of the JAZZ community. Tracy Fields, Rick and Fran Katz, Rita Marie and others. Nicole Yarling was there and did some of her wonderful vocalizing during the second set. Fred Jacobs (trumpet) sat in as well. Turk was one of the first JAZZ man I had listened to when I first arrived (2006) in FL. It was at O'Haras on Los Olas. Alas, (what?) like Turk they are also gone from the scene. Turk likes to sing and one he particularly likes is Johnny Mercers "I've Got The World On A String". His musical career can be described by a line of the lyric. "I can make the rain go". A few notes of "Cherokee" or the opening lines of "Dirty Blues” certainly could chase rain clouds from your senses. Turk and his brother was the band that opened the famous "Blue Note" in The Apple. He played with all of the noted players of the times including Dizzy, Jon Faddis and Sonny Stitt. Turk closed the show with a Chet Baker tune titled "You Can't Go Home Again". It is prophetic in a way. Our lives and careers, sometimes take us along treacherous or dangerous paths. Look ahead to the future---brighter days---filled with the music we love. Happy trails, Turk. It's never Goodbye. It will always be "Later".     

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To see blog entry by Bob Weinberg with more details on Turk, CLICK HERE.

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