Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve and forever after...and we are sure Al knows of what he speaks.

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 1/3/13

First off, Happy and Lucky 2013 to all! Second, I hope Susan Stocker who had to cancel her New Years Party (flu) is feeling better and third a big, big thanks to D and C for showing me the town and introducing me to the BLUES community in Gainesville. The plan was for dinner and BLUES at Dos Mamas Eastside Eatery. The name told me I was going to have "A Real Good Time". Amongst realtors "location, location, location" is the primary reason a business will succeed. Amongst folks who go out for an evening - good food, good music, and cordial hosts is what counts most. To find Dos Mamas you need to head out towards the airport, make a left at Sonny's BBQ, drive past a bowling alley, auto repair shop, auto parts store, another repair shop and park in front of a concrete block building at the tail end of an industrial park. Step inside and see a beautiful smile and the open arms of Rosa who owns Dos Mamas. The ambiance is bare bones but you can feel the warmth of coming home.

Charlie, Debby and I are here for a New Years Eve celebration and to listen to the BLUES. On stage are Barbara and Mark Armbrecht aka Middleground. They carry us through the history of female BLUES singers from Bessie Smith and the suggestive, double entendre, some times plain "dirty" lyrics, to Janis Joplin’s "Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz." All are done in good taste and with a smile on Barbara's face.

Next up was the R. Mutt BLUES Band. Paul Goble(guitar), Richard Heipp(bass), Dan Stepp(keys, vocal, guitar) and sitting in on drums Billy Bowker. They opened with a Louis Jordan number and again we are treated to a history lesson. From some early BLUES, to R&B, to Rock 'n Roll. They did another LJ hit, "Early In The Mornin” and “I ain't got nothin' but the BLUES”. Having lived through all those years of transition from traditional Gospel, to BLUES to R&B and on to Rock I shiver to think that they gave birth to 3 bastard children --- Acid, Metal, and Rap. We had a great meal, listened to some talented musicians, and wrapped the evening up with a champagne toast and BLUES jam with Eddie Jacoby(guitar) and his brother Mark (harp) joining in.

But, it wasn't over. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. The New Years Eve Party continued New Years Day at the home of Mike and Therese Markowitz (Little Mike and the Tornadoes). Mike plays harp, keys, and vocalizes. In addition he plays some really mean kitchen.

Rice, black eyed peas, garden grown greens, home made sausage with shrimp in "heavenly sauce", "on and on, on and on, on and on." This is a pretty big house and the size was needed to accommodate the guest list of players and lovers --- of the BLUES that is. Anna Marie and her guitarist Tom Holtz (Anna Marie & Friends), Earle "Bo" Page (banjo, and bass w/Little Mike and the Tornadoes), Mark and Barbara, still carrying on after last night, Kenny Eunice and wife Martha Liddel (Kenny MC’s for Little Jake and the Soul Searchers), Rob Richardson (Pres. of North Central Florida Blues Society) and his wife Natalie --- Charlie, Debby and me. We, or should I say I, stuffed ourselves on great food including Debby’s Crab Dip, drank myself into at least the "outer limits" and in general met some wonderful folks and enjoyed every minute.

Middle Ground and the R. Mutt BLUES Band will represent the North Central Florida Blues Society at the IBC in Memphis this year.

Mike Markowitz and Clay Goldstein are the only "Members of the Tribe" that I know of who play BLUES harp. Any more of you out there? Let us know.   

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  1. New Year's Eve & Day wouldn't have been as complete(ly) wonderful without your presence!
    What a lot we all have to be grateful AND looking forward to in this upcoming Lucky 2013!
    "Salud!" to all!!