Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Travels Day 4. Ben Champion at Ballyhoo in Gainesville

Tuesday night? Ben Champion with Matt Johns at a local? Yep. It happens up here. Honest. Marty may have missed his gig once again (second night in a row - despite what the signage says in both places) but wow, didn't these guys carry the night!

Ben Champion & Matt Johns
Laying the jazz down, downtown.
Yes, this is TUESDAY!
Marty, where are you?

The Man. North FLA, South FLA. He Be Known.
And loved by many....
Ben Champion

If you don't catch him with Ben, try Dorsey or Miller!
Matt Johns

Living the good life with/
The Peanut Gallary
Ron Pirtle, Ronie Pirtle, Ben Champion, Charlie, Matt Johns

The secrect backdoor entracne to Ballyhoo
 - Must be the coolest place in North Central Florida!

Marty, where are YOU?

The guy outside. Michael J
Inside music, outside music, all-around good time.

We be talking some good stock here people!

For those of you in outside 95, THIS
is what a Ballyhoo be. Much larger than real life,
but you get the idea.....

~ ~ ~

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