Thursday, September 13, 2012

a day filled with BLUES and JAZZ (subtitle Mother and Child) - Al does the family thing for us...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 9/10/12

Flo and I have a daughter and son. They say that I am the luckiest man in the world. Yesterday proved them right. I spent the day, early afternoon "til way late at night, listening to the music I love. It started with the South Florida Blues Society event. A competition between bands to determine who will represent the organization at the IBCs in Memphis. 11 bands were there. JC Crossfire--Joel Da Silva & the Midnight Howl--Bobby & the Renegades--Beverly Lewis and the Mixx--Dr. Lee's Rocket Time--Blues Dragon--LowDown 13--Marty Stokes and the Captiva Band--Amy Arlo & Almost Blue--Soul Shine--and Dark Horse. The effort to be selected was obvious. All trying their hardest to be the winner. The judging is partially based on originality but that didn't preclude the bands from emulating some great bands of the past, from Louis Jordan to Elvis, in present day terms. The judges were all South Florida BLUES notables including (in alphabetical order) Graham Wood Drout (Iko-Iko),Nicole Hart (the NRG band), Sue Luley (BLUES Cruise),Al Poliak (Funky Biscuit), Jack Sullivan (BLUES Revue) and Jerry Tolliver (Southwest Florida BLUES society). All have impressive resumes and were well qualified for the task. Not an easy one, to say the least. The scoring criteria include-VOCAL TALENT--BLUES CONTENT--STAGE PRESENCE and ORIGINALITY. I think judging an event like this may be the toughest gig in town. The audience also had a chance to "vote" for their favorite. I voted for my choice but did not stay for the results.

An almost frantic call from my pal Bill told me to head down to BJB's to hear this gal (I know-I know) singer. After an emergency stop for gas, I arrived at the club in time for the ending of the first set. Was I impressed? I did not leave until after the very last note of the very last set. New to me, Karina Iglesias, absolutely knocked me out with a voice that belied her diminutive stature. The American songbook was not in her repertoire this night but it was filled with more up-to-date American, Brazilian and even Reggae rhythms. And, what a band. James McCoy(bass), Greg Diaz (sax's)Matt Calderon(drums) and Chris Cadenhead (piano). That should make you understand what kept me there listening to the very recognizable voice of Karina. The charts were the collaborative work of James, Matt and Chris. Original in thought and great in presentation. Heading up to the Apple on Tuesday to be with Flo(she's going to listen to Sammy Figueroa tonight) Troy Roberts and Silvano Monasterios on Wednesday, a wedding on Sunday and ALL THAT JAZZ.

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