Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sometimes sad-sometimes glad - Al's moods swings, as does his music...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 9/1/12

This past week was both melancholy and heartening. August 29 would have been Charlie Parkers 92d birthday. It was also the week that Stevie Ray Vaughan died. And then we lost Big Poppa E, a south Florida BLUES icon. May they all Rest In Peace. Jazzonian celebrated Charlie Parkers memory with a concert at Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale.

Seasoned veterans like Bobby Ramirez, Rick Dahl, Anthony Corrado along with JAZZ virtuoso Ed Calle took the stage. Then Bobby introduced the future. Markus Howell (alto sax)Fernando Ferrarone (alto sax), Ben Stocker(tenor Sax), Andrew Forman(guitar) and Sebastian Rios(bass). They played, paying tribute to "the Bird". Markus and Fernando made the memory of "Yardbird" come to life. Ben's playing brought to mind a young Lester Young, cool and stylish. Andrew Forman wowed with his originality and creativity.

Young Fernando Rios played a face to face duet with Ed Calle on tenor, that brought the audience to its collective feet. Getting an opportunity to hear Ed Calle "blow" is a treat noone should miss. A great night of listening, making me feel good about the future of the music Flo and I love so much.

Thursday afternoon, Flo & I went over to the Riptide Motel in Hollywood Beach. I had almost promised myself never to tell about this place and keep it kind of private.

Not too many folks know it, but on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 'til 9 they have solo guitarists playing at their small, pleasant, on the beach, Tiki Bar. All the usual Tiki bar signs i.e.: DON'T WASTE TIME----STAY WASTED ALL THE TIME/////FREE BEER-----TOMORROW----. We deliberately went to listen to the very versatile Eddy Balzola and take advantage of happy hour pricing. We were not disappointed. After that, we travelled a little ways west to the Big Easy, where Darryl Raines and George Caldwell would be playing the BLUES. Not disappointed there either.

Friday (8/31) it was the Big Easy again, with Eddy Balzola again. This time with his band "Oriente". Their guest artist was Jesse Jones Jr. Would it be tiresome if I repeated "not disappointed" and added at all. This band will definitely keep you awake, with your toes tappin' and your hands clappin'. Eddy (guitar/vocals), Orlando Machado (fantastic drums), Yoel Del Sol (incredible congas), Dony Felix(credible bass), William Paredes (swingin' trombone) and the one and only Jesse Jones Jr. (tenor sax and scat vocals).

This band took us on a trip from New Orleans, through the Caribbean, up to Texas and back to south Florida without making us leave our seat. Altho, I will admit to, Flo and I, doing a little boppin' in our seats. So sad memories linger but are diminished by the joyous sound as the music goes on and on----on and on---on and on.

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