Saturday, September 8, 2012

Travels Day 6 - La Calle Band at Dos Mama's in Gainesville - Happy Feet, Happy Ears, Happy Palate...

When you are out and about and see this sign... stop on in!

Question that "HAPPY FEET" comment? Check this vid clip out...

Yep. It was as good as it looks, and a quarter bet says Charlie Pacala is stopping by here on his drive south down I-75 in a couple weeks!

La Calle Band mixes it up, and they do it all FIRST CLASS.

Boy, wouldn't it be a great thing if YAMAHA sponsored a Jazz & Blues Florida Live Music Tour where we just traveled around and streamed stuff like this live a couple times a week?

Rosa, Proprietor & Lead Dancer

Get your dancing shoes out of the closet and shined up - this group will be back!

La Calle Band
Shawn Fisher (lead vocals)
Moises Espinal (lead vocals / acoustic guitar)
Anthony "TC" Castillo (keyboard / backup vocals)
Anthony Vazquez (drums)
Jorge Quintana (Trumpet / backup vocals)
Emilie Rodriguez (dancer)
Glen Barclay (Producer / Personal Manager)
Nick Culp (Sound Engineer)

Dos Mama's Eastside Eatery
2017 NE 27h Ave., Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 505-0369

21: Anna Marie & Friends
28: Little Mike & The Tornados
Oct 5: 21 Blue.

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More vid clips at our YOUTUBE channel.

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1 comment :

  1. FANTASTIC night all the way around!
    Can't wait until La Calle's next performance at Dos Mama's!