Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little Jake & The Soul Searchers at Dos Mama's Eastside Eatery

Living the life I love...
And loving the life I live...
Another weekend rolls around and music is happening on the main streets, the byways and the back roads. The only regret I have is that the more I experience, the more I know I am missing. My heart is full. My gratitude for music makers and the places that bring them and us the listeners, the dancers, the friends together is immeasurable. Thank you all.
Incredible Music
Yes people, this music does exist and people are out having the time of their lives enjoying it!

OK, this may be a shocker, but I even dance to this music!

Incredible Food

Incredible good times...

Dos Mama's Eastside Eatery: 2017 NE 27h Ave., Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 505-0369, 8-11:00pm, Sept 14: Little Jake & The Soul Searchers; 21: Anna Marie & Friends; 28: Little Mike & The Tornadoes; Oct 5: 21 Blue; 26: Little Mike & The Tornados; Nov 23: Little Mike & The Tornados; Dec 28: Little Mike & The Tornados.

Little Jake & The Soul Searchers  

Jake Mitchell - Vocals

Hal Saylor -- Drums

Lanard Perry -- Trumpet

Brian Stevens -- Trombone

Charlie Blade -- Saxophone
Bruce Brashear -- Organ

Allen McCollum -- Bass
Charles Henry -- Rhythm
Kenny Eunice - Emcee
Special Guest: Roberto on Percussion
Booking Info:
Charles Steadham
Blade Agency
(352) 372-8158 x101


  1. Great photos, great music, great night!

  2. Great photos! Another evening of fabulous music, eats, and company!

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  4. In case you missed the show last night, you have a shot at redemption this evening over in Jacksonville. Hope to see you there!

    European Street Cafe Listening Room: (This club runs multiple venues, so please contct them for location of performances) Jacksonville, FL, (904)399-1740 5500 BEACH BLVD - Sept 15: Little Jake & The Soul Searchers.