Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Jake & Little Mike take Europe(...an Street) by Storm!

After a great Friday night at Dos Mama's in Gainesville with Little Jake & The Soul Searchers it was decided that three hours was simply just not enough, so drove over to Jacksonville for the Saturday night show at European Street (5500 Beach Blvd). Ray Lewis, premier promoter of great perseverance not only brought Jake & The Searchers over, he even arranged for Mike Markowitz of Little Mike & The Tornadoes to get things going with the Soul Searchers for everyone. And he most certainly did!  When things got heated up enough, Little Jake took over for an hour and half, one set show, that kept the people grooving to that soul blues R&B sound that this group is known for from here to Memphis, and beyond.

Little Jake & The Soul Searchers

Much to the delight of blues listeners around the state, Little Mike is starting to get out and about a lot more these days, so keep an eye on his schedule as when the clubs find out he is available again, he will be coming to YOUR town…
The Soul Searchers Band (minus the two hiding in the back) are
a REAL band. If you don't get it, get out and listen.
Then you will understand.

Little Mike tearin' it up!

These men have lived it. They don't just sing it and play it. Amen.

So, they say after awhile an owner begins to look like their pet...same true for musicians and instruments?

Markowitz & Monahan, Attorney at Law

Little Jake & Little Mike

Great food, location, and music! Thanks Ray!

The girls back in Wisconsin don't need no stinkin' school for this!

Closing time again!


Little Jake & The Soul Searchers http://www.littlejakemitchell.com/
Special Guest - Little Mike of Little Mike & The Tornadoes http://www.littlemikeandthetornadoes.com/
European Street Cafe Listening Room: (This club runs multiple venues, so please contact them for location of performances) Jacksonville, FL, europeanstreet.com (904)399-1740 SAN MARCOS - Oct 4: Gary Starling Group; 25: Bowlus/Ricci Quintet; Dec 20: Linda Cole & The Joshua Bowlu
s Quartet; 27: JB Scott's Swingin' Allstars. 5500 BEACH BLVD - Sept 15: Little Jake & The Soul Searchers; Oct 27: Bill Sheffield & Caroline Aiken; Nov 3: Ray Bonneville; Dec 22: Midnight Clear Holiday Jazz Concert w/ Bob Moore & Tony Steve.

Jake Mitchell - Vocals
Special Guest - Little Mike - Harmonica & Vocals
Hal Saylor -- Drums
Lanard Perry -- Trumpet
Brian Stevens -- Trombone
Charlie Blade -- Saxophone
Bruce Brashear -- Organ
Allen McCollum -- Bass
Charles Henry -- Rhythm
Kenny Eunice - Emcee

Booking Info:
Charles Steadham
Blade Agency
(352) 372-8158 x101

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