Sunday, September 9, 2012

schedule change - Al makes up his mind, regardless...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 9/8/12

There are times when a glitch in scheduling can cause infinite harm. Other times it only hurts for a little while. On with the tale. Flo is back in the Apple helping the Archbishop get things ready for a big bash, so, I am back to "baching" it. I can cook, so meals are not a problem. Scheduling is!! My days get mixed up. Fortunately I can still tell time. Nicole Henry was to appear at Upstairs at the Van Dyke last night. My almost "bachelor" buddy, Bill, and I planned to be there. Late afternoon Nicole sent notice that she wasn't feeling well and Wendy Pederson would take her place. Our plans would change and then change again. Does that sound girlish to you? Any way the plan changes hurt, until Wendy showed up with her fantastic set of "pipes". She opened the first set with a Billy Holiday tune, "Fun Out of Life". It is one of my favorites. Wendy went on to do a whole set of Lady Day's songs. She interprets them in her own style and it is a delight to listen to. On the stand with Wendy were James McCoy (bass), Pete Wallace (piano), Aaron Lebos (guitar) and newcomer Arvel Nagundi (drums) Their individual solos had us doing the proverbial tappin' and clappin'. Wendy opened the second set with "Love For Sale". As a kid I had the good fortune to work in a band that had a season-long gig at a joint called the "Pump Room". It was on Washington and Seventh. Yes, there were hookers "doin' the stroll" on Washington back in 1947. During that stint we must have played "Love" 4 or 5 times every night. 6 nights a week, for 21 weeks. You do the math. Whenever I can't fall asleep, I run through the chord changes of that song and never get past the first chorus. Wendy and the band did it much better than the "Bot Allen Five". Enjoyed the evening as I usually do when Wendy sings. All the guys in the band did great but I would be remiss if I didn't give special mention to Pete Wallace(piano). I don't know what it is with Wendy, but she seems to inspire pianists. i.e. Jim Gasior and others. Is there something about "redheads"? Flo is one too!!!!!! Sunday is the IBC up at B.B. Kings in West Palm. If you plan to go, make plans for an early start as the President will be making a speech at the same time. Tough choice to make.  Hmmmmm---- wonder what to do. Obama or the BLUES. The BLUES or Obama--------no, it is not a tough choice, for me, at all.

P.S. staying political for a moment. At an adjoining table, last night at the Van Dyke, two young women, Maria & Diana noticed two small oil portraits on a wall opposite the end of the bar. One was of Fidel the other MaoTseTung. Maria, a Latina JAZZophile was so upset by the display that she found it difficult to concentrate on Wendy's performance. It is management’s choice to take any political stance they like. Is it a wise one?  

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