Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday in the neighborhood - Al don't need no stinkin' rest...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 9/3/12

When I hear people, Flo and I know, say "Oh my, that's so far to travel" when we are talking of distances from 20 to 60 miles, we chuckle to ourselves and think '"It's a Small World After All." We are fortunate to live in South Florida where there seems to be more live music everyday. Sunday proved it. SFBS held its annual harmonica event. We got on the road (18 miles) to get to a tavern named "Cheers". A banner on their logo proclaims "MUSIC AND MAYHEM 'TIL 4 a.m." .On stage for the event was the band known as "Blues Dragon”. They didn't breathe fire but they sure were a blazing BLUES group. They backed up a star-studded line-up of BLUES harp players. (I have to research the use of "harp" for harmonica). Niles Blaze opened the show and got the crowd Clappin' and tappin'. Guillermo (Willy) Lojo followed with some really good BLUES vocals along with his playing. "Pixie" Ensign was third and his virtuosity was on display. Clay Goldstein a favorite of both Flo and I appeared next. He is an animated, exciting showman as well as a creative "harp" player. Side note: Back in his yout' growing up in Baltimore, he was the mascot, bird costume and all for the Orioles.
Dr. Lee jumped, jived and swung his way through a bunch of older tunes that brought the audience up with applause. I took special notice of the percussionists with Blues Dragon.  Trading places on the trap set and the Latin percussion instruments were Rico Gervagi and Fred Weng.
 Back on the road, Flo and I travelled to 33rd St. in Ft. Lauderdale. (appxtly 9 miles). At Fish Tales we were privileged to hear Darrell Raines, George Caldwell and surprise guest, Graham Wood Drout play the BLUES. Graham Woods is an accomplished composer and teller of Tales. We had a great time. Then on the road again. This time on foot. A distance of maybe 30 yards, just across the street to Blue Jeans Blues for a follow-up appearance of Maria Rivas and the trio made up of Danny Burger (drums) Brian Murphy (piano) and Dr. Jamie Ousley (bass). We stayed late. Drank just enough, and completed the day with a drive down A1A to home (15 miles). Total travel distance--42 miles plus 90 feet--not very far to travel for a great day of musical delight. 
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