Monday, September 17, 2012

Paul Stott's Strat Smokes Orange City Florida on Sunday! Blues at Dale's Ales

Been listening to Paul Stott Group for a couple years now...and just loving it more and more. Someday I will maybe be lucky enough to catch a WHOLE SHOW! Stop #3 today and boy, was it a good one. Music AND food - top notch stuff. And gotta appreciate that Paul and his band have enough sense... err... I mean EXPERIENCE to be able to play a smaller room and make it sound as sweet and listenable as the big ones they play. They play it, and  you can actually HEAR it! This is important with this group because they all play the cusp of each note, not just a bunch strung together. Paul takes this to the extreme and it makes his sound unique among the guit blues we mostly hear. If this doesn't make sense to you, just listen here and you will get it I think.

Things Stay the Same
Paul Stott Group

We're ready Paul!

Found the place!

Yep, this is THE place!

Paul Stott Band - all together now!
Man does not live on blues alone....

Yessum... that photo above this is a $8 dinner. YES!

I swear I don't deserve this attention.... BUT then again...I don't really mind at all!

Joe Adcock

Rick Plate

Gary Martin

Paul Stott

And, the last creds go to...
Mr. Al Everette! Super sweet ribs! Thanks!

Paul Stott Group
September 16, 2012
Dale's Ales: 2400 North Volusia Avenue, Orange City, FL 32763 (386)775-2377
Paul Stott - Guitar
Rick Plate - Harmonica & Vocals
Gary Martin - Bass
Joe Adcock - Drums & Vocals

Booking Contact:
(407) 325 - 0214
~ ~ ~

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