Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paradise...exists if you let it! Paradise Bar & Grill in Pensacola Beach lives up to the name...

Some people live in paradise.
Some people visit paradise, look at it,
and leave without seeing or living it.
Others, visit it, see it, and live it
while they are there....
This weekend, we visit, see, & live...
21 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach 32561 (850)916-5087 

7: Bryan Lee and Blues Power Band TONITE!
8: Iron Mike Norton CD Release Party
10: Tommy Malone
13: Pugsley Buzzard
14, 15: Bill "Sauce Boss" Wharton
17: The Nouveaux Honkies
21: Fatty Waters
22: Loaded Goat
26, 27: Honey Pots
28: Dash Rip Rock
29: Sol Driven Train
30: Fatty Waters

Oct 1-6: Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival

1: Sol Driven Train
10: Grady Champion
11: Posi Tones
12, 13: Big Al & The Heavywieghts
15: Little G Weevil
20: Northwest Florida "Road to Memphis" IBC Fundraiser #1

2,3: Biscuit Miller & The Mix
8,9: Dave Jordan
17: Northwest Florida "Road to Memphis" IBC Fundraiser #2
20: Southern Hospitality.
View of Pensacola Beach from the Paradise Inn dock across the Bay at sunset...

The same view later in the night... still very beautiful...!

Bryan Lee's "Blues Power Band" starts cookin'!

You meet some of the nicest people when you visit some of the best places!
Jazz Blues Florida fans Don McLachlan and his wife Gayle made the trip
to Paradise Inn for the first time to meet up with Charlie and Debby!
Fun night! (p.s. - They came back the NEXT night too!!)

More nice friends... at FloraBama prior to arriving at Paradise Inn...
Lovely group and lovely time!

View of open-air (but covered) bar area... complete with TV's for sports fans -
but, have to rely on "captions" 'cuz the music takes precedence - as it SHOULD!

The food (and beverage) is varied, plentiful, and GOOD!!

Brianne, Chris, Terese & Renee! Thanks for putting us up, and putting up with us!
And they danced all night long - kids and "adults" alike...!

Bryan Lee has a romantic moment with his wife in the
parking lot prior to going on stage... 

'Braille Blues Daddy', Bryan Lee takes the stage and
turns up the BLUES!

Looking forward to our next experience in PARADISE!!

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