Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yesterdays-Tomorrows - Al keeps track of 'em

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/8/12

Wednesdays are kinda special at Blue Jeans Blues. Early on (4;30 'til about 7:30) Glenda Grainger does cabaret i.e.: the Great American songbook. From 8:30 on it's Danny Burger's Musicians Showcase. Every week a different local legend is featured. This week it was Ira Sullivan playing soprano and tenor saxophones, trumpet and flugelhorn, flute and alto flute and several different hand-held rhythm instruments. Ira and I are around the same age, suffice it to say we are both under 100. Ira spent his youth learning to play JAZZ. I spent my youth learning to listen to JAZZ. I don't have to tell you that you don't make much money doing either one. In addition to Danny(drums) we had Brian Murphy(piano) and Dr. Jamie Ousley(bass). You know it was a night filled with originality. I know I repeat myself, but that wonderful Shelley Manne quote keeps coming back---"JAZZ musicians never play the same thing-------ONCE". During the second set Ira's buddy Mark Berner joined in for a couple playing both bass and conventional flutes. Then, Ira, who is a great supporter and teacher of aspiring JAZZmen introduced Carlos Alabaci (bass) who had recently graduated from New World School. The cat can play!!! Had a great time and if I can stay awake I'll check out Nicole Henry at the Van Dyke tonight---clappin' tappin' and oh yes noddin'----al k

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