Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where am I? Al Kanovsky takes off to the backwoods Jook for a weekend...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/4/12

Where am I? How did I get here? Why did I come? Well I'm at a historical jook joint called the Bradfordville Blues Club. I got here by making a right turn onto a dirt road then a left onto another dirt road and stopped when I saw a string of lights. Why I came is simple. The BLUES. Tomorrow (Saturday) an all day and night event is taking place. It is the 4th Annual Pat Ramsey Big Bend Hospice Benefit Festival. If you love the BLUES and like hearing it like it should be played, then make plans to be here for the next one. But tonight, inside this real home of the blues we've got Richard Raven (aka) Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys. I didn't see no chains but the band was smokin'!. I always say that BLUES is the mother of JAZZ. This band proves it. I didn't get their names but each of them could front any band in the U.S.A.

Later in the evening, BLUES legend Eddie Shaw joined in on Saxophone and had 'em all up dancing. They played late and then everybody moved outside to the bon-fire and some acoustical BLUES---aaaannnd Miss Ernestine frying up some catfish to munch on. Stayed way too late for a guy my age but I won't tell anybody!!!!!!

Mr. Charlie told me the music would start at 11 on Saturday. I got there (down those same dirt roads) around 11:30 'cause I know that BLUES musicians wouldn't want to hurt their reputations by starting on time. Well, I got to watch the volunteers set up the stage, the lighting, check the sound system, hook up the tap beer system and stuff like that. I also had the opportunity to chat with Gary and Kim (owners of the Bradfordville Blues Club) and learn some of the interesting history of the club. They have one of only eight Mississippi Blues Trail markers outside of Mississippi on the property. I also took the opportunity to talk with Mike Lanigan (harp) who fronts a band called Swingin' Harpoon and can tell the history tale. The event has music inside and out. The line-up filled with BLUES bands from all over. The following are the bands that volunteered to perform for this Benefit.

(OUTSIDE) Brett Wellman/The Stone Cold Blues Band--C.S. Holt/Blues Revival--Road House--Acme R&B--J.R. Zydeco Zoo.   
 (INSIDE) Big Poppa & The Shuffle Bros.--Randall"Big Daddy" Webster--Cheap and Easy--Lauren Mitchell Blues Band--Low Flying Planes--Bed Head Betty--Swingin' Harpoon--Major Bacon w/ Clyde Ramsey--Ontological Elephant--and then the music continued outside with more of Miss Ernestine’s fried catfish.

All of the musicians donated their time and talent for this event,
Kim and Gary donated the space and volunteers filled all of the staff spots. On display was the real soul of the BLUES world. I don't often pick an individual artist on a day like this. They were all wonderful and performed at their best----but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the BLUES singing of Lauren Mitchell. All I can and will say is "WOW".
They had me clappin', tappin' and even dancin' and stayin' up way late (or should I say early).
Under the mossy oaks of The Bradfordville Blues Club

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