Friday, November 16, 2012

night and day - Al makes light of the dark?

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/16/12

To wax philosophical, life is made up of contrasts---light & dark, red & green, happy & sad. I could probably go on for a thousand words but I will close the sentence with Night and Day. Last "night" I had the good fortune to listen to some great Boogie-Woogie. To"day" my good fortune continued and I heard some JAZZ-ROCK. That's how Aaron Lebos defined the music his band "Reality" plays. The band, Jim Gasior (keyboards) Eric England (bass) and Rudolfo Zuniga (drums), as Aaron put it, "played their asses off". Yes, they did. The program was made up of original tunes, "original" being the operative word. Original, creative and just great to listen to. They played a song titled "Nine" in 9/4 time, with Jim doing a piano solo in 5/4 time. We're all familiar with 5/4 (i.e.Take Five), but 9/4 was new to me as well as Ed Bell who commented on the odd time signature.
Strange as it seems, just yesterday when commenting on the Boogie-Woogie concert I brought up the subject and tried to explain it. Now I am again back in my usual state of total confusion and hope I haven't added to yours. In any case, Aaron calls it JAZZ-ROCK, I say it is totally, TODAY’S JAZZ. Three cheers for, in the words of a Dizzy Gillespie tune, "Things To Come".

EDITOR’S NOTE – We thinks Al is in a hurry to catch that plane up to the Big Apple and missed pointing out the he was at the WLRN Studio for Ed Bell’s South Florida Arts Beat show today where this performance transpired.
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