Friday, November 9, 2012

When a joint is a joint is a joint-- and Al isn't talking 'bout arthritis here Folks...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/9/12

I know-I know!!! Joints are now legal in two of our 50. But, I am not writing about the kind you smoke. Instead, these are the kind of establishments where you go to hang-out with friends and listen to JAZZ or BLUES live!!! "Joint" is not a derisive, disparaging or derogatory term to me. It's usage has to be earned. The place has to be somewhat historic, socially warm, have moderately good food, friendly, if not efficient, service and not break your heart when you get the check. Last weekend I found a "joint" in the middle of nowhere, somewhere outside of Tallahassee. It's name the Bradfordville Blues Club. Talk about history. Last night, in the heart of Miami's South Beach on fashionable Lincoln Road I went to  another "joint" Upstairs at the VanDyke. It's history doesn't go as far back but it is well known amongst JAZZophiles world-wide. Nicole Henry was the featured artist accompanied by Pete Wallace (keyboard) Dr. Jamie Ousley (shrunken bass) Dave Chiverton (drums) and Aaron Lebos (guitar). Nicole not only has great pipes but she has wonderful stage presence. She commands attention when she performs--arm & hand movements-hip swaying-legs doing the little rhythmic patterns and a physique worthy of a--(you can fill in an appropriate term). During the first set she did 2 songs which evoked emotional responses from the audience. The first, an original Nicole Henry song titled "I Need A Little Time Alone" which had a strong Gospel feeling, the other, a Bill Withers tune "Use Me Up". Having met Nicole’s Mom and Dad I was glad they weren't there, although her sister was. If Mom had witnessed Nicole’s erotic body movements during both those songs it might have been the end of Ms. Henry's singing career. Nicole continues to "grow" as an artist. The first set started at nine, the second set ended at 12:30. I didn't leave 'til the last note had faded into-------Tappin' Clappin' and Peepin' at Nicole     

OOPS! Got so caught up in describing Nicole and her performance I forgot to mention the really great playing of the band---Pete, Jamie, Aaron and Dave were moving in a goove. I have never described a drum solo as pretty but Dave's on "I Need A Little Time Alone" was as cute a thing as I have ever heard from a JAZZ drummer.  

al k

Hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it---al k
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  1. Loved it Al...always a pleasure to see you man...thanks for the support!

    David Chiverton