Sunday, November 25, 2012

baby rattles and a King alto sax - Not the Big Apple, rather... the Big Life...Al's got it...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/26/12

Flew in from The Apple on a pre-dawn flight Saturday morning. Did a look-see at my e-mails---87 junk---73 immediate deletes---17 music dates--2 from friends and 1 from one of my grand daughters wishing me a safe return to the land of eternal youth (and beauty?).
Took a nap, shower and shave, in that order and got an early start to Art's Garage and a Jesse Jones Jr. concert. The early start got me to Atlantic Ave. way earlier than I thought and so, acting the boulevardier, I strolled the street. (Not doing a real stroll. I was not peddling my---) The sound of an urgent guitar came from the open-front  bar, Bobby Mcgee's. A young man by the name of Joey George was singing, playing guitar and additionally, had a pair of baby rattles rubber banded to his right foot and they were mic'd. That is what I would call a really original rhythm section. It was fun listening, enjoying a cold Yuenglings and watching the young things pass by.
Time for the concert. The people that come to listen to JAZZ at the Garage are true JAZZ lovers. I thought that I was among the elite few in the world who could sit through a JAZZ set without chatting with or listening to someone else. The audience at Art's Garage is attentive and knowledgeable. They listen intently, understand the JAZZ regardless of genre, and appropriately applaud in all the right places. (In spite of what Ira Sullivan has to say about that). Jesse gave them plenty of reasons to do just that. He opened with a be-bop riff title "Ris de Veau"--The Joy Of Life and he made it so true. The rhythm section was All-Star. Brian Murphy(piano), Rick Dahl(bass) and Mike Harvey(who we haven't seen in a while) playing drums. Still in the first set, the band did Hoagy Carmichael's "Skylark" so tenderly that it almost brought--almost--tears to my eyes. The second set was loaded for fun and fun it was. Jesse closed with "Caravan" and encored with a vocal "Unchain My Heart". To capsulize the evening,
 WOTTA NITE!!!.  Tonight BJB's and Monday MJC's Rent Paryt at the Stage. 
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