Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday afternoon choices - Al's are plethoric...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/26/12

Decisions--Decisions--Decisions--Football on the box?--Barbara Vann's Jam at BJB's?--Later on--more football on the box?--Maria Rivas at BJB's?--It's easy. Modern technology dictates that you can record the games. If you record JAZZ live, it is no longer live. Listen live or let the box suck your brain into its gleaming HD 55 or 63 or 72 inch screen. Easy choice. Live JAZZ wins hands down and odds on.
The Jam starts with Barbara (as hostess) on vocals, Dave Williams(piano), Guisseppe Pucci (drums) and Linc Lackey(bass guitar/vocals). After a couple of tunes they start inviting visiting musicians to the stage. A young serviceman named David was first up playing trumpet and as always it is encouraging to me to listen to very young, talented musicians whose interest is JAZZ. Steve, a really creative JAZZ vocalist followed and did a great call and respond with Pucci on the drum side. Plenty of musicians in the house soon joined in including Ricky Williams (piano/vocals) and the entertaining Bobby Reynolds (piano/vocals/flugelhorn). The Jam concluded with Barbara's traditional closing song "Amazing Grace" with Bobby and David playing under her vocal.
The featured Sunday diva was Maria Rivas. Her name should be in all "caps". This night she had The Mob as back-up. The MOB you say? Yes!
Murphy (Brian), Ousley (Jamie), Burger (Danny). Piano, bass and drums respectively. Maria made everyone happy that they chose live JAZZ over football on TV. During the course of the evening she dedicated two songs to my late partner, Flo Eisenberg. One was "We'll Be Together Again" the other "Alfonsina y el Mar", a beautifully serene Argentinean poets story. "Alfonsina" is also a track on Jamie’s "Sea of Voices" CD. Maria did another Chet Baker favorite "My Funny Valentine". Maria is also a talented painter and has a story telling portrait of Chet. While listening, I'll often close my eyes to intensify my sense of hearing. I noticed the lyrical quality of Maria's "scat" riffs. Reminiscent of Ella. Not in the melodic lines but in the use of rhythmic patterns. She continues to mature as an artist and listens to the criticism of some of her pronunciations. She is a warm, charming and spiritual woman. She laughed when I explained its pronounced Gillespie not Jillespie.
 MJC's Rent Party at the Stage tonight. Be there or have to endure my drivel in tomorrow’s blog.   

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