Thursday, November 15, 2012

look for a silver lining - Al's checking the pockets for change again we guess...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 11/15/12

As good as the music line-up was for Wednesday night, I had none on my schedule. Instead my plan was to have dinner with my pal Frank. Frank is a retired N.Y. Detective( just like my son). He is good company and the two of us can toss around more B.S. than you'll find in the holding pen at the stockyards in Chicago. Around 2 in the afternoon, Frank calls, to say that he has to cancel-- for good reason. ie; a woman. Ordinarily I might have said "girl" but Frank hasn't dated a "girl" in 50 years. Now the silver lining. A short while later my other buddy, Bill, (Yes. I have more than one friend in this lonely world) calls reporting that he has two ducats for the FIU Studio JAZZ Big Band at the Broward Center. I could not ask for a better remedy for my ---bitter?----disappointment. The Gold Coast JAZZ Society was celebrating their 21st birthday with this concert. The swinging band was worthy of the task. The band is directed by Jim Hacker who was assigned in the Spring of 2011. Charts from Miller and Goodman, compositions from nowaday composers, made for an absolutely pleasurable evening, closing out with a blaring, blazing "Sing, Sing, Sing".
Not wanting to ruin my reputation, by coming home before mid-night, I headed to BJB's where the fabled Richie Cole(Chicago) was making an appearance. Was it a good decision, you ask? My life is riddled with bad decisions. Not Tonight. I walked through the doors and there was a jam session going on and I mean a JAM SESSION.  The rhythm section--Danny Burger(drums), Brian Murphy(piano), Chuck Bergeron(bass). Sitting in on guitar George Garcia. Two trumpets, Jack Siegel and Buddy Jacobs. On a stool, center stage is Richie Cole with the shiniest sax I have ever seen hanging from the neck of a JAZZ musician. JAZZophiles worldwide talk about "those nights". Those nights when something special, for some unknown reason, is going on. Well this was one of them. Swingin', soarin', groovin' and flyin' high. One of the tunes Richie did was "I Can't Get Started" which morphed into "Moody's Mood For Love". I sat there with my jaws agape. I wasn't the only one. Rick Katz(Miami JAZZ Co-op)
usually leaves early. (It's a long way home for him). He hung out with me until they literally asked us to leave so they could close the joint. 
So, when disappointment comes your way----"look for the silver lining"---every cloud has one. Tonight Boogie-Woogie at Art's Garage, Delray. 
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