Friday, November 23, 2012

Promotion value increases at Jazz & Blues Florida as placement deadline nears

The cultural, travel, and $ season is here.
Are you ready to make the most of it?
Jazz & Blues Florida’s
exposure, traffic, and distribution is off the charts!
See the REAL numbers right here:

Jazz & Blues Florida distribution, traffic and activity
continues to climb the charts 
and we want you to come with us!

Time to promote your band/CD, club, concert, festival or business during this busy season? Take a look at these advertising/marketing/promotional options and their time-proven results, and think about what resources you are putting into other means to try to even come close. JazzBluesFlorida gives you the largest exposure you will find anywhere, at a price that is the best value, in jazz & blues entertainment promotion anywhere.

Here is a short summary of what JazzBluesFlorida offers in our online promotion platform ( ezine) to help you fill seats at live jazz & blues music events, as well as awareness of and sales of CD’s, tickets, etc... We can’t make music like you do, and you can’t advertise/promote like we can, so let’s work together to make it as successful as it should be for everyone.  Email us today to discuss any questions you may have.

·         DISPLAY ADS IN ONLINE EDITION OF JAZZ & BLUES FLORIDA. We are currently working on the December online edition of Jazz & Blues Florida and the order deadline is 9pm, Monday, November 26th. You have seen the quality presentation for seven years (3 and a half totally online at and here are the rates if you want in:
o       Full page: $160
o       Half page: $100
o       Quarter page: $60
§         Price includes ad development
·         EMAIL BLASTS w/ NEWS BLOG POSTINGS.  There is very limited availability for our blasts that are sold only when package with other pieces of our platform.  If you would like to use this very effective promotion means please contact us ASAP. Each dedicated email blast w/ the news blog posting is $60, and we only send out one per day so we do not lose readers or impact. Our news blog at is a very effective way of getting your event info into searchable internet content, as well as providing a free and easy means for further distribution into your social networks.
·         BANNER ADS. The top banner space is currently not available.  There are currently only two home-page banner spaces available. These are $100 per month plus nominal development costs. Presently, all inside pages have banner spaces available. The inside page banner ads are $50 per month plus nominal development costs. These banners rotate down one space each day, providing each banner with the top spot on the page twice per month.
·         PREMIUM LISTINGS.  For those that are looking mainly for an increased local presence and recognition, our PREMIUM Listing Service is only $8 per month, on a annual basis, and provides highlights, priority updates, links, increased font size, and complete listing and mapping of venues. As you can see, these are what really stand out in our listing pages. These premium listing services are available both to clubs (logo inclusion for clubs) and musicians.

If you missed it above, follow this LINK for our most current traffic/activity report, including graphics of the actual reports to verify the numbers. Who else do you work with that offers THAT?

Thank you for your interest in what we do, and hopefully for your support of what we do, so we can continue our mission of supporting what YOU do. Most of all, thank you for your interest in real music, made by real people, in real places! Again, the deadline is Monday night, so call or email us ASAP to get things rolling for you.



Charles R. Boyer, Publisher
Jazz & Blues Florida
(561) 313-7432

·         Did you know that as Florida’s ONLY promotion platform for live jazz & blues:
o        We have the most comprehensive festival page for Florida jazz & blues:
o        We have the most complete listing of Florida jazz & blues performances: 
o        We have the most comprehensive and active news blog for Florida related jazz & blues news:
o        We have the largest listing of current releases from Florida jazz & blues artists:
o       We have the most complete and current listing of Florida jazz and blues associations and radio/broadcast programs:

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