Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jazz & Blues Florida News Blog Passes 140,000 Lifetime Views

Another major demarcation point was reached today by Jazz & Blues Florida as lifetime page views of their news blog went over the 140,000 level, with 8,928 in the past month alone.  This rapid growth, as seen in other traffic/activity measures (see www.JazzBluesFlorida.com/Reports ) continues to outpace its previous growth rates and that of other businesses providing similar services. Jazz & Blues Florida is THE online source of information on live jazz & blues in clubs, concerts and festivals, reaching tens of thousands of music lovers in Florida and 129 countries annually. For more information and advertising opportunities contact Charlie Boyer at Charlie@JazzBluesFlorida.com .

Jazz & Blues Florida wishes to acknowledge its appreciation of all viewers that have helped them fulfill their mission of increasing the awareness of the great live music available across Florida.

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