Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You are who you are...and Allen Kanovsky is also where he belongs...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 4/24/13

I saunter (my self image is 6 inches taller and 35 pounds lighter) into BJB's only to find some of Sunday's party goers still there. I wonder if any of them have been home yet. Babette (la Reina) is on her always reserved bar stool. Johnny Cole (pianist), Donna (music historian) and Mike (party host) are all close by. It's almost like a group out of Damon Runyon's "Guys and Dolls". The band, Oriente, is awaiting the arrival of their drummer, Orlando Machado. Eddy Balzola (guitar/vocals), Olalde Raymer (congas), Dani Felix (bass), William Pederes (trombone) start to noodle with a Gil Heron tune. Orlando shows up and puts the final touches on his drum kit. Eddie thanks "Benny's Bail Bonds" for having gotten Orlando's release. My pal, Yale, is sitting all by his lonesome so I join him. Shortly thereafter, the tall, lovely, BLUES singing, Rita Wilburn arrives. I leave Yale flat and sit down with Miss Rita. It was not a tough decision. Jeannette Pina and her niece, Giselle, arrive but decide to sit at the bar. They are going to have to leave to catch the last set at the Van Dyke with Daniel Susnjar. Knowing that Yale is a be-bop aficionado the band does "Billie's Bounce" giving everyone a chance to show off with solos. Rita sits, slacked jaw, as she listens to William "blow bone". At the break Dani joins Rita and I. The conversation goes like this, She says "I know you". He says "I know you"---What am I doing here? It turns out that shortly after Rita arrived in Florida she and Dani worked in the same band. If you meet Rita, she is not a gal that is easily forgotten. Tall, pretty, shaped and great pipes. The band gave her the opportunity to do a BLUES and man can that girl sing the BLUES. Olalde's dad Ramon is still visiting but this time brought his trumpet. Someone asked for a Benny More tune. The band played and everyone was on the dance floor, including Rita and I. We tired each other out, long about the 3rd chorus, and sat back down. Toward the end of the tune, Ramon lifted the horn to his lips. You could taste the flavor of Cuba in his traditional style of play. They morphed into "Peanut Vendor" and that gave Ramon the chance to shine, and he did. I felt a cold coming on and decided to save my strength. I left. The Sunday party group was still there. It made me feel somewhat better to know that I am not alone in living this decadent but wonderful life-style. By the by, Saturday is Rita's 22nd birthday (she has a son that's 24) and she will celebrate with Troy Anderson's band at BJB's. As they said in the "day"----Be there or be square!!!!

Al's Disclaimer:
A short note: The reason I write this is because I love music and words. I do not book acts. I do not promote acts. I do not accept invitations to review artists. I go to venues of my own choice. When and where is not influenced by anything other than who I would like to hear that night or day. If I don't like what I hear, I won't write about it. When I like it I let you all know. I never mention a name without asking permission. "Pardon me, Miss. Would you like to dance?"       

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