Sunday, October 5, 2014

A great night at the Bradfordville Blues Club w/ TC Carr & Bolts of Blue!

Been too long of a time since I meandered down Moses Lane to the little juke joint in the woods and last night about seven o'clock the decision was made to take the two hour+ drive and take in a show, and take care of some business. TC Carr & Bolts of Blues was the show  at the Bradfordville Blues Club and the business was delivering the promo flyers for the Pat Ramsey Memorial Benefit for Big Bend Hospice

So good to come around that last corner and over the rise to see the lights of the juke under the mossy oaks. Judging by the number of cars parked all the way out to the clearing, the turnout for the return of TC was a good one. 

Parked, put on the music hat, grabbed the camera and headed to the door as the band's sound could be heard through the cinder block walls. So good to see Maisy and Kim at the entryway and be greeted with smiles and hugs all-around. The 'family' aspect of the BBC is truer than true, and it is not just a musical reference. The three generations of Anton's around the front door testify to that. 

TC Carr is a Florida blues institution. My lady, Debby, thinks she saw every show he ever did out in Cedar Key, or at least close to that, back in the early 90s... Anyone else remember the L&M? This is my first time to catch his show, but knowing his reputation and that Josh Nelms is on guitar, I know it will the right thing, at the right place. The details: TC Carr - Vocals and Harmonica, Josh Nelms - Guitar, Vinnie Seplesky - Bass, Dennis McCarthy - Drums and vocals.

Here are some pics and vids of what went down... Thanks everyone. See you back there on the 25th for the Ramsey benefit.

Heather Gillis & Gary Anton - see them both here at the BBC Oct 25th!

Mac Arnold - Superstar bluesman AND person!

Must be getting cold up in MN! 





My first 'selfie' - in the men's room at the Bradfordville Blues Club.
This is the only selfie I need in my life. Done. Finished. Hope you like it!

Well, of course I had to include this shot of the gas station I stopped at!

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