Friday, October 3, 2014

New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival - Day One AKA Opening night...

New Smyrna Beach shines in a jazz glow once again.
What a GREAT gathering of the Florida jazz scene.
So good. 
The Music. The Food. The Location.
So nice.
The Venues. The Servers. The Volunteers. 
So many wonderful people.
This blog is a bit of remembrance, and a bit of reminder that we will have to work harder next
year to capture photos of all that went on.
We will be doing our best to keep adding content here, but it will take a couple of days as 
we wrap-up and roll-out the October issue of Jazz & Blues Florida's monthly ezine.
Make up your own stories... they might be as good or better as what transpired!
And, please check back as we update with more pics, vids, and insightful witty commentary!
And, again, hats off (on?) to Marc Monteson. 
He is a true Florida Jazz Superpower!

The man behind it all... Marc Monteson (L) and Al Kanovsky

Headin' to Clancy's...!
John Pellegrino (on break from bass duty with Ray Guiser Quartet) & Al getting ready to swap war stories... 
Clancy's Cantina - SUPERB food and service to match the opening show for the weekend w/ The Ray Guiser Quartet..

Friends everywhere! Greg Parnell and John Pellegrino catching up...
Ray Guiser Quartet (L-R) John Pellegrino, Ray, Kenny MacKenzie, Steve P.

Jason Domulot bass
Dave Birks guitar
Ray Stewart drums
Kayonne Riley vocals and guitar

View from motel room!

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