Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jazz & Blues Florida's YouTube Videos Surpass ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Views!

Wow... this snuck up on us! 

Our Jazz & Blues Florida YouTube page went over 100,000 views recently (see screen shot below) when we weren't looking! Talk about incredible! As how this is not professional production and the vast majority are only a minute or two long (we are not trying to reproduce an live performance; we simply do this to try to show people what they are missing out on if they aren't there and hopefully encourage them to get out for the next show!) this is a LOT of eyeballs and a LOT of eyeball time!

Thanks to all that allowed us to record and post their performances, and we hope it helped to get your name out there and more people did show up at your next gig because of it.

Speaking of things like that, MOST, but not all, of the videos are of clients of ours, or shot at venues that are clients of our promotion services. Speaking of THAT, the deadline for placements in the September edition of Jazz & Blues Florida is in two days (Thursday, August 28) so email Sales@JazzBluesFlorida.com ASAP if you want to get on this band wagon that is getting larger and faster each day!

Also, we are very, very excited about this blog passing the HALF MILLION (yes, that is 500,000+!) view mark in a couple weeks. NOBODY but us is getting this much information out to those that are interested and, of course, most of that information is about our CLIENTS. So, THANK YOU to all our clients for promoting such interesting things with our services! 

Once again, not just talk, but REAL numbers from Jazz & Blues Florida.
If your promotion dollars are going elsewhere, are you SEEING numbers like these?
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