Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jazz & Blues Florida went to Birmingham to catch some blues and stop by Gip's Place.... Here are the pictures to prove it!

We have a lot to tell you about these pictures, but first we need to get them up in some kind of order. Check back for commentary and the story-line!

We found BACONTON! But, alas, there is no bacon to be had in Baconton. Sigh.

So, we settle for bacon on our sandwiches for lunch in Albany, GA at Our Daily Bread. Nice.

So, on the road we go to dash on up to B'ham. First stop after the hotel check-in... Moonlight on the Mountain!

Now, down the mountain, around the corner, to Mr. Gip's Place we go!

The late, late set ended at 2:30am. No whinin' you youngins - That is Mr. Gip, at age 80+, ending the night up there on stage.

The next day we went back to Gip's Place to spend some quality time and learn more....

Heading on down the highway, and "short-cut" to visit our friend and yours, Gil Anthony!

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