Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Yesterdays" in the afternoon but "Tomorrows" catch up at night. Does Al's life really have a 'night' and 'day'? Perhaps not....

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/28/13

Way back in the yesteryear, if I had a lady visitor, I would make sure there was plenty of Johnny Hartmann on the turntable. There was something there that promoted romance. To provide the fun it was Joe Williams voice and to close the deal the intimacy of Lou Rawls. Believe me it was a formula for success within the range of 70 to 80 percent mutual satisfaction.  >No one is perfect<   Wednesday afternoon LeNard Rutledge was the featured performer of MJC's JAZZ in the Gables. The rhythm section was made up of Dave Seigel(keys), Josh Allen(bass) and Carlo (magnifico) Araya on drums. Carlo let it drop that he is continuing his education in quest of his doctorate. He is dedicated to the task at hand. If you decide on a singing career be sure to get Dave, Josh and Carlomagno to back you on any gig. You cannot do better.

LeNard has taken the mellowness of Hartmann, the phrasing and scat skills of Williams, and intensity of Rawls and created a voice all his own. The group opened with "So Nice To Come Home To". I want to let Turk Mauro know, they did SWING. I mean toe tappin', hand clappin' swing. Joe Donato was in the audience enjoying the performance along with my pals Deborah and Duane Crisp. My favorite grandma, Pixie, was there and yes we did dance. LeNard ran the gamut with ballads, jump tunes and even the BLUES. He, himself, had to comment on the attentiveness of the audience. When you play most JAZZ or BLUES clubs you are playing into a wall of chatter. Not at JAZZ in the Gables. They come to listen and they do. Get out to listen to LeNard if you can. He should be topping the charts. HBO Latino and (v)g-z(accountants) sponsor these events and I am thankful for their generosity. Tonight I will be at PAX for Aaron Lebos and the music of tomorrow.

Got to PAX early and had a chance to speak with Jim Gasior (keys) and Rudolfo Zuniga(drums) about the direction the young players were taking in the JAZZ world. Both agreed that it was definitely broadening the horizons and opening up lines of creativity without limiting borders. Eric England(bass) completed the Aaron Lebos (guitar) band.

Aaron has one of those pedal and switch boards that electric (tronic) guitarists use today. Eric's has so many pedals, switches, toggles etc. that you could control a battleship or at least a heavy cruiser. Fortunately he really doesn't need or use them all. The nights music was original and definitely provided a look toward the future. I was surprised at how well Jim, an educator, composer, arranger and long time performing artist, fit into and played this "new" music. I don't know if there was an identifiable time signature in any of the tunes presented. I do know that Rudolfo’s has a mastery of rhythm and kept the band on track and also doing very interesting solos. If you've read anything I have written before you know how I feel about Eric. Troy Roberts and Tim Zago dropped in to enjoy as well. Musicians have often told me "You must listen to learn".  I am listening and I am learning. When I first arrived Aaron thanked me for coming. As I always tell performing artists, "No need to thank me. I thank you for giving me all that you offer".

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