Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a monday miracle and bluesy tuesday...Al keeps the calendar tight...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/27/13

Those of you who might wager on such things, would have scored on Monday if they had chosen that as the night I would not go out to listen to music. After a long weekend that started with Little Mike & The Tornadoes in Gainesville, Troy Roberts and Nu-Jive, Saturday at Arts Garage, all the birthday celebrants at Blue Jeans Blues and Michele’s---Tony, Mike and Mo---The old bod crashed. It pleaded for a break and the mind responded.

I made up for that transgression on what I will call "Bluesy Tuesday". The musical Bobby Nathan family took control of "thoity thoid" street in Ft. Lauderdale. Bobby at Fishtale’s with the traditional Tuesday BLUES Jam and Joanne at Blue Jeans BLUES with the Hope Band. The Hope Band, Hope(vocals), Roderick Kohn, aka Moish McKinnon,(guitar), Rob Peterson(bass), Gary Grant(drums) and Joanne Nathan on the Hammond SK1. I had never heard Hope or the band prior to this so it was an anticipatory moment when she piped her first notes. Captivating to say the least. Her voice holds all the elements of soul, funk, JAZZ, BLUES, and Gospel. You know right off that the church is in her background. Originally from Atlanta, the strong influence of southern church singing is evident and effective. Ms. Hopes set started at 8, Bobby Nathan would start at 9. Absolutely perfect for bar-hopping and only a few steps away from each other. Bobby's band had Andy G. on drums, Steven B. on bass and standing in for Muggy Doo on keys was "Sonny" Boyd Williams. If you like BLUES it's hard to do better. To and fro, back and forth, a beverage, a bite and most of all music. Bobby dedicated the evening to Eric Clapton, the band and jammers playing a lot of Eric's hits.

Sitting in were 3 or 4 guys named Steve on drums, Lee on keys, Jimmy on a soulful tenor sax and an impressive Anthony Steele on guitar. Anthony, tatted arms and all, looks like he would more likely be a bouncer or the leader of a Harley riders club. The cat can PLAY. By the way, Bobby's Jam, a tradition on Tuesday night, stays at Fishtale’s but moves to Wednesday next week.

Back to BJB's and the Hope band. She did a really great "You Make Me Feel" and even though I wanted to get back to Fishtale’s, her voice and interpretation of songs kept me in my chair 'til she finally said "Good Night". Hope's husband, William Gary does her sound and videos. Mr. Gary is Vice-President of the Fort Lauderdale Community Center. Their mission--Uniting Broward through Arts, Education & Social Services--a truly worthy cause.

Me and Rod, Rob and Joanne made our way 'cross the street for Bobby. I was glad I did. Bob and Rod (you remember, Moish) joined the band and Jamie "King" Colton sat down at the keyboard. It's after midnight and the joint is rocking----"better than chicken fried in bacon grease." I did my usual "thing" and stayed 'til they put the key in the door.

Thanks to all the musicians, to Blue Jeans BLUES, to Fishtale’s, all the staff and management---you make it all worthwhile.

Next Friday, March 8, is the Dillard Center for the Arts "Denim and Diamonds Gala" to benefit their national award winning Jazz Ensemble. They will be honoring Mari Mennel Bell and the music will be provided by the award winning students of the school. Try to support this great music school which brings much honor to Broward County. I will be there dependent on my handicapping/wagering skills at Gulfstream this week.  

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  1. Al - Thank you for attending "thoity thoid" adventure @ Blue Jean Blues and @ Fishtales last Tuesday...always great to have you in the house!
    Joanne Nathan