Wednesday, February 6, 2013

be-bop-bossa and even a little bit of blues...."Is this even allowed in the Gables?" Al inquires...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/6/13

Wednesday afternoon I let myself get a little sun sitting comfortably in a plaza---I wish it had been Barcelona or Buenos Aires---not sadly though it was in Coral Gables and there was JAZZ. The band was headed by the venerable drummer Tito Cruz. The rest of the band were all younger. Kai Sanchez on bass, Terezhina Fest, vocals and all kinds of percussion, Mauricio Quiroz on keys and Ismael Vergara on alto & soprano. They opened the set with Charlie Parkers "Billie’s Bounce". For me there is no better way to open a JAZZ set than with a little be-bop. They followed with some Jobim bossa, Terezhina on vocal. The rhythm so was so intense that a couple of youngsters (at least they were younger than me) got up to dance. One of them, an attractive woman, smartly dressed, danced by herself. At the end of the number, I, not having been brought up to be shy, approached her and asked if she would mind my mentioning her in the blog. She was agreeable. Her name is Teresita (her surname I will keep to myself. She kept her phone # to herself) and someday, while listening to the Latin beats I love, I will get the chance to see her really dance. There were about 100 people joining me on the plaza including JAZZ vocalist Kevin Mahogany, who enjoyed the bands rendition and Carlos's solo on "Caravan". A catering Company, "Lovables", is on site so many of the listeners come and enjoy their lunch hour, escaping from the surrounding towers for a respite with JAZZ. Ismael played a really emotional "You Don't Know What Love Is" and really impressed all those within earshot. Be-bop, bossa-nova and even a touch of the BLUES---"Who Could Ask For Anything More" -Music by George Gershwin, Lyrics by Ira Gershwin. The Miami JAZZ Co-op is the host of these mini-concerts and Rick Katz works tirelessly to make them enjoyable. 

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